Injustice 2 ESLInjustice 2 will be the perfect opportunity for NetherRealm Studios to continue their support of the fighting game community with an Injustice 2 ESL League. They’ve had an amazing run with all three seasons of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League and Injustice 2 looks to become the next best thing.

As you might know NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming Injustice 2 will have this amazing Gear system: this system allows players to change certain character attributes by changing the costume pieces they’re wearing. However, Ed Boon has confirmed that the upcoming fighting game will have a special tournament mode where this gear system will not be a part of the equation. Having such an mode means that the studio is more than willing to give tournament players a leveled playing field to fight on and raises the question of a possible ESL League for their new project.

When we visited NetherRealm Studios at this year’s Gamescom we had a few questions which led to an interesting conversation. Will Injustice 2 become the Studio’s next ESL game? Unfortunately, when asked the team did not confirm that we will see Injustice 2 ESL League. However, they did say that it would be foolish not to have an ESL League for the game and that their success with the ESL MKX Pro League was one they want to continue. They’ve putt in a special tournament mode for a reason and there is a highly likable chance we will see an Injustice 2 ESL Pro League, but they don’t know for sure, or do they?

The way the team answered our questions made certain that we stayed out of the blue, while still being able to have an idea of where they actually want to go with Injustice 2 and a possible ESL League. I would like to believe that they just wouldn’t want to spoil a huge upcoming announcement.


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