Gamescom might be only just behind us (and with it, my two week holiday) but that will not withhold me from presenting you one of our first Gamescom previews! During this year’s biggest European games convention, indie games really had a strong presence. The smaller, sometimes dared game titles are gaining a lot of popularity among gamers due to their soft price and usually original art styles. One of the Games we got to check out was Beat cop in which you get to play as a… beat cop.

During Gamescom I was granted the opportunity to play an early alpha build of the game that featured your first ten days as a fresh new recruit. It’s the eighties. As Detective Jack “Polly” Kelly you will start on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.  Laying down the law, one ticket at a time. If the game works properly that is. During our Gamescom preview a nasty bug managed to crawl in preventing us from progressing in the game. Since the game is still in alpha phase, this is something that is known to happen from time to time, yet still embarrassing for the developer. The good man presenting the game to us, handed out a few goodies along with a preview code to re-test the game in the comfort of our homes. Which we did. And this time we did not run into the bug. Happy us.

Beat cop is entirely stylized in 16-bit fashion and features an amazing eighties inspired soundtrack that really helps getting you into the bad ass cop attitude. Your battle with corruption is an ongoing theme within the game. Unfortunately, detective Jack Kelly has an ex-wife who is a money sucking spawn from hell and you need to pay your alimony on time. Do you hand out a ticket? Or do you take a bribe and let it slide? The choice is yours. But choices have consequences…don’t they? Well, we’re not sure. The consequences of your actions seem to have some kind of effect on whether local gangs, the townsfolk or the force like you, but what it actually does we’re not so sure. Our best guess is, since the developer mentioned to us the game features a nonlinear story with multiple endings, these statistics will affect your story’s outcome. However, the alpha lasted way too short to say anything about story developments.

beat cop 2

During my days as a beat cop, I mainly wrote tickets, towed cars, talked with a lot of pedestrians (and with currently no voice acting in the game, it’s a dull business. Hopefully this will be included, otherwise I fear many will just skip on through.) and chased a few criminals. Unfortunately, The gun I carried was not used even once and I can only wonder how shooting will work in the final game. Well shooting be possible at all? After 60 minutes of playtime the game left me wondering what the developers are all planning to include in the final game. Puzzle elements? Interrogations? There must be something they have in mind to keep the game fresh and interesting. In any way, the game has made a promising start and it will definitely be a title I will keep in my hindsight.

beat cop 1

Beat Cop is being developed by Polish developer Pixel Crow, published by 11 Bit Studios and is expected to hit the streets somewhere near the end of 2016.

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