King Of Fighters XIVStick lovers will not be disappointed in SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV day one patch.

Investing serious money in a new Fight Stick is something I’ve always liked, but it’s also killing your wallet. With the release of The King of Fighters XIV and the new licensed Hori Fight Stick it’s easy to submit to the hype and put down a few bucks for a brand-new stick, with a cool design. However, most of us will already have a decent Fight Stick at home – or maybe even more than one. I have already invested in multiple Fight Sticks that are compatibel with the Playstation 4, but for those who haven’t SNK will have some good news.

Lead designer Hidetoshi Ishizawa has confirmed that not only will some characters be tweaked for the live version, but there’s also going to be added support for DualShock 3 controllers and older arcade sticks. So if your beloved stick doesn’t work out of the box, download that day one update first.

This patch will also apply to the King of Fighters XIV demo which is currently available on PSN, so those on the fence about this new edition of KOF can test out the input latency on their legacy controller before buying the full game. As with Street Fighter V, it is probable players will need to have a DualShock 4 connected to their PS4 in order for their legacy controller to be recognized, but that is not yet confirmed.

Stick support isn’t the only new feature coming to the day one patch, there are multiple changes coming to the game. Among these changes are some additional tweaks to the game’s online play. The day one patch will also contain some balance changes. In addition to these, King of Fighters XIV’s game designer Hayato Watanabe announced during the KOFXIV Dream Match Exhibition Tournament that the fuzzy guard instant overhead that was discovered in the game’s demo was unintended. He stated that they will be removing this in a later patch, as soon as they figure out the best way to take it out.

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