After getting a modest announcement back in 2008, Eufloria developer Omni Systems showed us at GamesCom last August how the current build plays. Rudolf Kremers explained his “less is more” approach to the RTS genre which he loves so much, as well as the mechanics and story for Neopolis for PS4 and Steam.

Neopolis is a Cyberpunk RTS, in an anime influenced style and a very non-traditional approach to strategy gameplay. We took inspiration from some fun sources: The crazy and campy outfits of old hip hop crews, the gangs in the movie “The Warriors” and of course cyberpunk classics like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Blade Runner.

So far, so vague… So, what is this thing really?

‘Real time strategy’ games tend to come with a lot of baggage and expectations simply because the genre has settled on a number of conventions over the years. Gathering resources, exploring tech-trees, building bases, building new units… that kind of thing. It’s fun, and some tremendous games have been made within that context, but do we really need to include all this to make a great RTS?

Redefining the genre

Decluttering their RTS Neopolis is the foundation on which Rudolf builds his game. No more producing or gathering of resources, tech trees, or putting time and effort into other useless traditional gameplay mechanics. Still we saw a rich game which retained a deep strategy and is accessible to newcomers and seasoned RTS commanders alike.

The setting of the game is a cyberpunk futuristic one where gangs called grid-runner-crews, fight each other for control of the city in a televised e-combat show. You start in your own HQ and the objective is to take over the enemy’s HQ first. When you take over the enemy’s neighbourhood, its troops and resources become yours. You can occupy buildings and vehicles in an attempt to ambush the approaching enemy forces. Once you have built some momentum, you can go explore the city and check where the enemies are.

We were surprised on how the graphics look, but also the nice introduction of all characters and smooth gameplay are a welcome treat in a world where strategy games are clones of C&C or rushed to make a quick buck out of them. Neopolis on the other hand look really promising and I’m rockin’ my Two-Tones shirt! Rudolf, you are doing a great job and we can not wait to play some more #datwiltiknoueffekwijt

Check out the announcement trailer and images or go to the Official Neopolis website and be sure to check back later here at GameGeekz for updates on Neopolis!

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