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There has been no official Nintendo statement about their next home console/ portable device. The internet has been flooded with all sorts of rumours and interesting facts. We present them to you along with every piece of concept art and patent image. Behold: what we think the Nintendo NX will be in march 2017!

Release date & Pricing

So what do we know from insiders about the Nintendo NX so far?
While previous Nintendo consoles have launched from September to November this console however will release in March of 2017 and our guess is March 10. There will be a press conference at Tokyo Game Show and I believe this is where the official date and more will be unveiled.

As far as pricing goes there’s no word either. With all the content we will be getting in the box, my best guess is $399,-  and $199,- for an extra “NX controller” (this could be a replacement for the 3DS) or compatible WiiU peripherals.


There will be no backwards compatibility with the Wii and WiiU systems because the system architecture will not be designed for that. No word on digital content from the Nintendo Shop but we believe you can keep your digital collection as it is.

32gb is the maximum size of NX games which can be stored on something like a 3DS/ Gameboy cartridge or a bigger cassette. A small cartridge will be the only option here because if Nintendo want this console to be a handheld, space is of the essence. Also will this pave the way for a small dock/ base, leaving enough room for other components and breathing space for the console. Also sticking to physical copies means we can collect, trade and buy the used games.


Both “side controllers” will be plugged into the 6″ display and there should be a connector port at the bottom to place the handheld into the docking station. Nintendo has opted for a split D-pad in the developer kits, but the feedback seems to ask for the regular D-pad in the final product.
The placement of the analogue sticks is controversial since the sources place the right stick in different places. I’m going for both sticks on top of the D-pad and face buttons. This allows for a more natural motion control when the “side controllers” are detached. Just like two Wii Nunchuks with more buttons.


When we say handheld, we mean kind of a Gameboy Advance with detachable sides for Wii style control, combined with a dock/ base to hook the device to your tv.
Since it will be a handheld home console Nintendo might favour portability over graphics. The portable screen would display 720p resolution and when plugged into the base 1080p will be available. However almost all mobile phones have a full hd display or better, I want to bet that Nintendo is clever enough to get max resolution on both devices (keep in mind they are also developing a phone themselves).

The Nintendo NX will be powered by NVidia’s Tegra chips and for now we go with the X1 to get PS3 performance. But if they manage or already made a deal with NVidia, they could even opt for the new X2 chips which gives Nintendo NX’s graphics a boost over the current gen consoles.


Developer kits and prototypes hard built in storage of 32gb but that doesn’t mean the final product will ship with that same amount. WiiU already was equipped with 32gb so my guess is that it will be more.
Not only Sony and Microsoft move towards cloud gaming, but it will also be a huge cost reducing factor for Nintendo to have the NX stream games from the cloud. And with all the Wii/ WiiU back catalogue titles you will be able to purchase from the store, 32gb won’t quite cut it.



We now there are a couples of launch titles in the works and they make me a very happy man.
Nintendo crown jewels such as Super Smash Bros, Pokémon and Legend of Zelda will be present at launch or in the first 6 months after release. Even Pikmin 4, Animal Crossing and the new Sonic 2017 will feature the roster, but what I love most is the fact that F-Zero^2 will be there as well. I do hope an arcade cabinet will also spring into existence and let’s me combine my save games #goodoldtimes


Inside information is that the NX will leave region coding a thing of the past. You will be able to get games from all around the globe and play them right there in your living room! Better get going on your Japanese 🙂

So this is everything we know so far and we will keep updating this post, but be sure to watch Tokyo Game Show this September. Or just subscribe if your lazy ass wants us to write it all down for you to read right here on GameGeekz 🙂

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  • DarthDiggler1

    August 26, 2016

    Headline says…

    “Nintendo NX | Release Date, Games & Specs | Updated”

    First paragraph says…

    “There has been no official Nintendo statement about their next home console/ portable device.”

    Which completely contradicts your headline which is a lie. 🙂

    • Jorge Wolters Gregório2

      August 26, 2016

      Completely true DarthDiggler, I’ll change the paragraph asap. Thanks for reading it carefully; means a lot to us! #gg

    • Kevin van Dongen3

      August 26, 2016

      The headline doesn’t say anything about it being official. However, I see your point.

    • Jorge Wolters Gregorio4

      August 26, 2016

      You are correct about this first paragraph and I will correct it a.s.a.p. 😛
      Thanks for reading our posts so carefully 😉 #gg

  • NOSQEY .5

    August 26, 2016

    Here’s my speculation about the nx,it will play games and have an on and off button.

  • Josh Warren9

    September 1, 2016

    I’m glad it takes catridge’s and not just a download machine. $399.00 is really steep in price.


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