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With the rumor mill spinning at full capacity in this mid gen war of the consoles, one question becomes more and more significant to me. Do we need PlayStation NEO & Project Scorpio or do we want Nintendo NX? It is important that gamers and developers ask this same question before it’s too late.

4K upscaling/ pass through, TFLOP’s, slightly faster CPU and GPU, faster memory; these all seem to be super important aspects to making an upgraded current gen console. But what if people still don’t own a 4K display or instead of top specs want some brand new ip’s to play for a long long time? If I had an alarm I would sound it, because a mid gen war is coming!


Project Scorpio

Microsoft announced their Xbox One S this year’s E3 and at the very end they gave us this teaser promo trailer for Project Scorpio “Coming 2017” (which literally made me sick to my stomach).
4K (like the One S), HDR (like the One S), same peripherals (like the One S) but with 320GB/s bandwidth of memory and a brand new GPU with 6 TFLOPSs of processing power; it’s a beast apparently.

While I get the move of being the first to launch a slim version -with rather nice upgrades- two years early in the console’s life cycle, I don’t get announcing the Scorpio for 2017 (a year later). Xbox One sells only half of the PS4 worldwide each week, so Microsoft will want to catch some sales this fall and reduce the Sony’s dominance in Europe when Gears and Forza hit the shelves. But telling gamers that in a year the console they put their 299,- in will be old is just plain crewel. Why upgrade now? Why not wait another year? Why so serious?

Is this Scorpio a better Xbox One S or simply the next generation Xbox? And if next gen, why are all the accessories backwards compatible? Will my games and app be compatible as well? Does this box do anything new an exciting apart from being an Xbox One S on steroids? I’m not “wowed” and therefore not convinced we need a new box next year from Microsoft.


Nintendo NX

For as long as I can remember game consoles, Nintendo always has gone it’s own way in the industry.
From the Virtual Boy to the Wii, fun, originality and player emotion have driven the company to great heights and with the current WiiU to and all time low. Why is this a good thing and why does it work out so well?
I believe it’s because Nintendo knows what will excite the gamers for the next five years without alienating them from the current experiences they have become custom to and love so much.

My guess is that Nintendo needs to find a successor for the DS ánd the WiiU to have in stores next year.
They are smart enough to see the succes of mobile games (as they bought devs to create just those and even are looking into a Nintendo phone) and want to keep the DS momentum going at the same time.
Nintendo Wii was a real powerhouse at it’s time so this next gen console has to be very much like that.
Why not be brave and combine everything? I say Nintendo realised this mid gen and decided to give us what we want for the next five years:
A home console that is controlled by detachable motion controllers from a handheld device with a HD screen that is as powerful as the PS4. Shoot, I’ll even bet I can use my DS cartridges in this awesome device!

Although they are all rumours and speculation, I’m already “wowed” and getting really excited for their Tokyo Games Show press conference this year.


PlayStation Neo

Biggest news last week was the leaked PS4 Slim version. Official retail sku somehow got in the wrong hands and spoiled Sony’s party at the press event coming September 7 in New York. What will they announce instead? Well, a new Vita is a long shot (I still believe) but the PlayStation Neo is what most people think will be the shocker of the show. Complete with release date of Oktober 13 to force it in our home together with PlayStation VR. Leaving no money in the bank for Christmas presents at all…

But what does Neo have to offer us? Salvation? Freedom? Or “simply” upgraded specs such as 4K video and gaming, a new unknown GPU, a CPU that’s twice as fast and memory with 218GB/s of bandwidth.
Why does this sound familiar? Oh yes, whenever a PlayStation and Xbox console launch, they tend to be very similar under the hood. Is that strange? No, it’s to be expected. But what more do we get besides improved VR support?

Absolutely nothing, yet. We don’t know for sure this next thing won’t be spectacular all around, but the indication is that this will be a fight with Xbox over who will rip off the most consumers this generation.


Yes, I need the optimal VR experience. Yes, I need each frame of GT Sport to look stunning on my tv. But do I get what I want with the Neo or Scorpio? No, I don’t want to buy a mid gen console  with my hard earned cash. If I’m buying a new console, it better be a slimmer, cheaper version or the next generation of warfare, race driving, dungeon raiding, slam dunking, arcade fighting and exploring new adventures.

Apart from early adopters and fan boys (and girls), I’m afraid for Sony and Microsoft that most gamers will think the same way when the have to make the choice… It’s not too late; give us what we want!

What do you think about this whole mid gen situation we’ve got on our hands?
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Jorge Wolters Gregório

Gamer dad who loves the classics, indies, racers and the occasional shooter. Have been in the industry for almost two decades now and am as enthusiastic as ever! #4theplayers

  • 1up1

    August 31, 2016

    The Scorpio and NX are brand new consoles so is it still mid gen? The only mid gen console, based on specs, is the Neo which seems to be an upgrade with PSVR in mind, Sony even stated themselves that it may be that not all the games will be available on the Neo whereas MS seems to be getting ready to ditch the Xbox1 all together.

    • Jorge Wolters Gregorio2

      August 31, 2016

      I refer to them as mid gen because the leap from PS4/XOne to these machines isn’t as big as from PS3/X360 to the current consoles. They aren’t that different, we don’t see a new medium to play the games from (all digital would be a great announcement), no update on cross-platform play etc.
      As long as we don’t get more features to look forward to for the coming 5 years it’s just not worth getting these just for extra VR and 4K support.

      Nintendo NX looks to be the only console adding to experience instead of plain horsepower; that’s why I’m very curious about that one.


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