Hacktag is one of those lesser known really nice titles you need to have in your gaming library. Co-op infiltrating, sneaking and hacking your way through missions is a lot of fun with one of your friends. We can’t wait until it launches at the end of the year and play the whole story!

Hacktag Discovered

Admittedly we stumbled across Hacktag by accident on our way to another interview; lucky us!
A small booth in the French pavilion with the Piece of Cake team in it, drew my attention with the artwork on the banner of Hacktag. One of my all time favourite games’ first artwork (Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars) flashed through my mind and made me stop and check it out.

Co-op Stealth Detective

We were lured into the booth and got a pleasant close encounter with Hacktag.
The game is set in 2029 in a world pretty similar to our own except for the fact the people are animals (anthropomorphic). The main characters are foxes and some of the guard in the facility are rhinos for example. Hacktag is a cooperative two-player game where each player has a distinct role to fulfil.

One of you is the detective and you are the one sneaking your way through the levels getting all dirty and physical while retrieving information and stealing secrets. The other player is the hacker and you have to be the eyes and ears of the detective. Warning when enemies approach, disabling alarms and traps and opening doors in time of need.

The levels are randomly generated (it’s the thing of 2016) so every play session the world looks a bit different. The mission and objectives stay the same, and you have to work as a team to complete the objectives and get home safe. After all, there will be guards of the arch nemesis of the game coming for you!
These enemies have a vision-cone in front of them to indicate where you will be spotted by them.
You don’t have a gun to shoot the enemies but you work together to distract them or pin them behind a door to avoid being caught.


If you progress through the game you will pick up items and gather information as your objective. In doing so you will be awarded with xp. These experience points can be traded in for new abilities which will help you unfold the story. Hacktag is a gorgeous, cleverly designed co-op stealth hacking detective game for which we can not wait until it’s released later this year. Available for pc and mac, and hopefully we’ll see a port to consoles as well #fingerscrossed.

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