World Of Final Fantasy Opening Anime Revealed


Square Enix has revealed a brand new World of Final Fantasy video, showcasing the all new anime art style that appears during some of the game’s cutscenes. The game is also getting a playable demo on October 17, 2016.

For those unfamiliar with the game.The game is about two twins and their journey to a mysterious world to rediscover their lost memories. In this peculiar place, where stacking things on one’s head is perfectly normal, the young Mirage Keepers will encounter new friends and familiar Final fantasy heroes as they learn the truth about their past.

The game’s latest video showcases the all new anime art style that appears during some of the game’s multiple cutscenes. Check it out below, isn’t it gorgeous?

The game is returning to a more traditional gameplay style from earlier Final Fantasy titles, it revolves around turn-based battles which utilize the series’ recurring Active Time Battle system, augmented with a stacking mechanic where stacking allied characters and monsters affects stats and turn numbers.The game’s playable demo will let you take on the roles of Reynn and Lann in their Lilikin and Jiant forms, and there will be plenty of different Mirages and iconic Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Lightning, and Squall to meet in the demo. Completing the demo will allow you to battle and capture the “Magitek Armor P” at the coliseum in the full version of the game.

World of Final Fantasy releases in North America on October 25, Japan on October 27, and Europe on October 28, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Make sure to check out the game’s official page for more info on Reynn, lann, and the world of Grimoire.

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