Some huge names in the industry for the last decade have announced a sequel at PSX 2016 as well. We will finally be getting our hands on The Last Of Us 2, Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy and off course GT Sport which has been delayed into 2017 for implementation of new features. These blockbusters will surely set PlayStation 4 (Pro) in the picture as “the place to play”, and will be huge system sellers for Sony. We can’t wait to play them ourselves either!

The Last Of Us 2

Starting with what is currently the most talked about game on the planet: The Last Of Us 2
Sony and Naughty Dog stunned us with a new story about Ellie to experience in 2017 and it looks absolutely stunning on the PS4 Pro. The trailer doesn’t reveal anything and speculations are running wild as to where the story of Ellie (and Joel) will go.
The girl is obviously some years older, looks toucher and seems to have recently been in a big slashing fight inside the house we find her in. er clothes are ripped, blood everywhere and she even has tattoos.
At the end of the trailer Joel is standing in the doorway and everybody is asking what’s happened to their relationship. Are they still together? Didi they part ways and Joel coincidentally found Ellie? Is Joel dead and Ellie just has a recollection of him?

We don’t know and we don’t want to know until I play the game for the first time. But man did this trailer get us all pumped to The Last  Of Us 2! Check out some artwork while you are here.

Uncharted: the Lost Legacy

Ever since Naughty Dog brought this game changer to the PS3 waaaaayyyy back in 2007 (long before Mark Cerny thought “hey, let’s make a PS4 that’s completely different but the best thing ever invented”), this series has given PlayStation gamers action, adventure and humour on the PS3, PS Vita and PS4. Nathan Drake has left us with a great legacy, and now Naughty Dog are tapping into that with this spin off dlc Uncharted: the Lost Legacy. After Nathan’s story was completed the team thought about who’s journey to tell in this franchise. Chloe Frazer was quite an obvious choice as she is revealed in the trailer.

Her quest is to keep an ancient Indian artifact out of the hands of some bad war profiteers. And to find this artifact deep in the mountainous forests of India, she recruits badass Nadine Ross whom we have seen in Uncharted 4 as well. Just check out this teasing trailer and some images to start with, and be prepared to get more info early 2017 about the release of Uncharted: the Lost Legacy.

Gran Turismo Sport

GT Sport is the latest in the Gran Turismo franchise. This version will differ greatly from the other 6 you may have played. It’s not focussed on single player, but on the competitive multi-player experience.
At PSX Polyphony Digital showed us what this delay is all about, and I am quite impressed.
When WipEout Omega Collection was announced I knew I have to get a 4K display next year, but GT Sport takes it to an entirely different league. The combination of 4K resolution and HDR and the broad color spectrum is simply stunning. The lighting and weather effect looks amazing on the cars, and as they claim the imagery goes beyond photo realistic.

Also with the implementation of PS VR and further readying the engine and content, the wait will take more time. I would be surprised if the game ships before summer, but my guess is holidays 2017. #waiting

Don’t forget to check out all of the other footage from PSX 2016 on our YouTube channel and check back later for even more info on all these very promising games, early 2017!

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