Nintendo had me super excited about the Switch in October of last year. Its concept of a hybrid console is fresh, the name is catchy and the announce trailer showed us the potential fun we are going to have.
Well, after Nintendo’s Treehouse stream, I have to say I don’t feel that enthusiasm anymore. I’m even considering cancelling my pre-order and give it some more time. Did Nintendo just doom it’s latest console or is there something wrong with me?

Luckily I’m just as strange as before this Nintendo Switch live stream, so why the sudden scepticism?
Well, if you look at the hardware Nintendo has made another fresh, easy to use and family-friendly machine.
The video’s of the games showcased a diverse, immersive library with the characters and games we want to play on a Nintendo system.
Nintendo even let go of their region coding and announced an online service we can subscribe to, so what’s the problem?

Well the games are the issue here, or lack there of at launch on March 3rd.
We are only getting Zelda and some Wii Remote party game named 1-2-Switch, Skylanders, Just Dance and Bomberman at release. Two of those are last years port to this new system…
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with release in April, Splatoon 2, I am Setsuna, Rime and LEGO City somewhere this summer and we’ll have to wait even longer for the new Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Redout and Sonic.

switch doomed

What will I be playing on this system? Why should I invest over € 350,- on hardware if I have almost no content to play? Couldn’t they even simply port the new Dragon Quest, Yoshi and Picross E7 over? Will third party developers pick up on software development, or do they fear this to be the “WiiU Second Coming”?

Those are some serious questions Nintendo should (and hopefully are) ask them selves. Please Nintendo, sort it out and make me want to buy your system! #switchFTW ?

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