Not only is Omni Labs working hard to get Neopolis out on PC and PS4 this year, but they just announced Eufloria RPG for next year as well! This small studio is working really hard, and if you believe; you can do anything.

Eufloria RPG brings action RPG and exploration gameplay to the massively successful Eufloria universe. The game is inspired by classic roguelike games, action RPGs and genre favourites like Xenon II. However, our game adds a Euflorian twist: Players control a seedling ship that evolves over time, depending on their path and choices through the game.

Wherever the ship goes it encounters fascinating enemies, establishes new floral colonies and repopulates the areas it finds with seeds taken from enemy colonies. As a result the game visuals transform based on player interaction.


Eufloria RPG contains 3 distinct habitats filled with unique life forms. The game’s aesthetic is based on an enhanced interpretation of Eufloria’s plant-based lifeforms, set within exotic environments inside an alien installation. Exploration and interaction transforms the alien habitats, enhancing already great visuals.

The player’s seedling ship must conquer enemy colonies and free allies. A multitude of alien artifacts provide the player with weapons and equipment, while collecting energy of vanquished enemies allows the player ship to evolve and grow its powers. Each player will grow a unique ship!

Missions and challenges unlock areas and abilities, while narrative and world knowledge comes from Beacons, to be discovered throughout the game. Enemies use intricate flocking routines to provide challenging AI.

With Neopolis and StarLit: Colony still in development, Omni is showing some huge shoulders to get all of this work done. Check out our website for more info soon as we can’t wait to get our hands on these Omni games!

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