Strategy RPG God Wars : Future Past will arrive in the US on March 28 and in Europe March 31st for PS4 and PS Vita as a physical and digital release!
God Wars Future Past takes place in an ancient era of Japanese mythology shrouded in mystery. Boasting an impressive musical score, breathtaking story elements, and unforgettable character designs, God Wars is a tale that will resonate with all gamers who enjoy the thrill of a classic strategy RPG!

Like most legends, the game God Wars Future Past begins with a land that once brimmed with harmony between humans and nature. But, because humans soon discovered the efficiencies of technology, nature fell victim to neglect and destruction. For this reason, the Myriad Gods that watched over the land of Mizuho began to wreak havoc on the humans, and to quell this instability, the queen sacrifices her second daughter, Sakuya, in hopes of appeasing the gods. Moreover, she confines her youngest daughter, Kaguya, as a backup sacrifice and then vanishes.


After 13 long years, Kaguya escapes her confinement with her childhood friend, Kintaro, and the two begin their journey to discover the reasons behind Tsukuyomi’s decisions.

Boasting a traditional take on tactical RPG gameplay, God Wars features an intuitive turn-based battle system that allows players to consider all facets of strategy to outmaneuver and defeat the enemies. Each unit has a Unique Job, and in addition to that, a Main Job (which decides the weapons the unit can equip) and a Sub Job (which grants units additional skills). For instance Ookuninushi is not only a Samurai, but is also a Priest. In addition, his Unique Job is a War God, something that no other unit in the game shares with him!

In addition to unique job classes for all of your characters, God Wars Future Past also allows players to visit a shrine before battles to boost units’ abilities and powers. By making offerings to the gods, you will receive stat bonuses in battle, which will surely lead to victory!

Get your copy or digital download on March 28th / 31st or if you’re a big fan, check out the Limited Edition.

Limited Edition Includes:

  • Collector’s box
  • GOD WARS Future Past for PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®Vita
  • Art Book (details coming soon)
  • Soundtrack (details coming soon)
  • Cloth Poster (27″ x 38″)
  • Pocket Mirror (3.5″ dia.)


Visit these websites for more info and screenshots: NIS America Website or God Wars Official

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