We’ve dubbed this Resogun review our #01 PS4 Essential; because there isn’t an official Sony Essential catalog to show newcomers which games showcase the PS4 best. Or if you simply have been playing Call of Duty for years on end, you should broaden your horizon by picking up these Essentials!

In Resogun, you pilot a ship in a last-ditch effort to “Save the Humans”, as humanity is under siege by an alien force and you are the last line of defence for the species. You’ll progress through the game moving from city to city in an attempt to save the remaining humans and defeat the alien forces. Everything is awesome about Housemarque’s masterpiece; the definitive PS4 Essential.

Gameplay: Simple and Addictive

The game’s core mechanics are pretty simple: you move and shoot. Your left stick moves. Your right stick shoots. You direct your movement and shots. Simple. You’ll also have access to bombs that spawn random and will clear the entire city of enemies. The “Overdrive” weapon, which will melt through all enemies in its path like a hot knife through butter. You can also fire off a boost, which while active allows you to travel through enemy projectiles as well as enemies themselves and destroying them in the process.

The game starts slowly and then ramps up swiftly as you get better. As you progress through the cities you’ll encounter a larger variety of enemies and their configurations will get tougher. You’ll have to combat an absolute avalanche of aliens on the screen at any given time. Trust me, you will need those bombs and boosts. Overdrive will be your friend. You will be frantically avoiding enemies while trying to send them back to kingdom come.

Story: Saving the Humans

All of the humans are imprisoned at the outset, and occasionally a group of enemies are spawned who are the “key” to a particular human’s prison. Killing this group of enemies (and in some cases, a particular sequence) will free the human from his holding cell. The fun little human will run around on the ground, waiting for you to scoop them up and deliver them to a transport out of the city. Should you fail to get to the human in time, they will be picked up by a flying saucer and will be lost to the aliens for probing. If you pick them up and die in the process, the human will die. Hell, if you don’t get them out of the cell soon enough, they will die. Fuck this bullshit! But it’s so addictive…

As if it wasn’t difficult enough to progress through the waves of enemies in each city, you’ll have to face off against city-ending bosses too. These bosses are no walkovers. I already had difficulties with the second boss in the game. And that was just on the medium setting. There are four difficulty levels to whet your appetite for destruction and shooting.

Heroes DLC

Survival is everything you’d expect from a survival mode, you’re tasked to survive for an endless amount of time, racking up score and a multiplier as you go. Its mechanically distinct from arcade mode because the focus is surviving; you can’t lose your multiplier by avoiding combat for a few seconds here. Despite the name survival, it’s actually a lot less stressful and ultimately, enjoyable than Resogun’s core mode. It escalates in difficulty much faster too, making for a much more repayable experience and makes you want to beat your high score.

The second mode is demolition, this differs significantly to anything else featuring in Resogun. In this mode you have to use a shockwave ability to propel destructive orb across the screen, this works fairly well because of Resogun’s nature, you can shoot a ball in one direction, and it will bounce around the level meet you on the other side. In order to succeed you need to bounce this ball back and forth, but there’s a catch; you can’t shoot anything. Enemies pursue you and you ultimately have very little control relative to other modes, all you can do is bounce these balls around.

In Demolition hitting power-ups will make the balls travel further, or increase the number of balls projected across the field. It’s fun, and addictive, but starkly contrasts the nature of Resogun with relatively slow pacing at times. There’s also frequent occasion where it feels like you’re stuck, and have to die because there’s a wall of obstacles. The mode itself is enjoyable but feels miss-placed in Resogun as it’s slow paced and strategic relative to the rest of the game.

These two modes both take place on a new level named Avernus. The core feature of this level is that it has a day-night cycle, Resogun is already a beautiful game and the variable lighting environments induced by a day-night cycle just bring that out even further. For fans of the game like me this DLC and the new Ship Editor are great ways to freshen up 2013’s best game.

Defenders DLC

After recently adding challenges and a photo mode for free, Resogun Defenders adds two new game modes — Protector and Commando. Both are fantastic and make the game significantly better. I admit, I’ve never been terribly good at Resogun, but I always enjoyed it nonetheless. With these added modes combined with challenges, I now have a desire to delve deeper and get better.

In Protector mode, you race around the map trying to rescue as many humans as possible. The fun starts when you’re suddenly flooded with humans and the panic overtakes your body. Gotta catch ’em all is pretty much your goal — as impossible as it seems at times.

My favourite mode, Commando, ditches the traditional Resogun ship and has players take on the role of a human. With a Space Invaders influence, you are protecting your home from balls of fire and the other enemies the game throws at you. The mode even has a nice little surprise; your little human will sound like a certain commando and former California governor.


Resogun is a great way to introduce someone to the PlayStation 4. The visuals and audio for the game represent a solid start for the new console generation and so is the Heroes and Defenders DLC, and at a great price. Not only did Housemarque do an incredible job back in 2013 with the audio and visuals, but with Heroes and Defenders they added more depth and playtime to this iconic side-scrolling shooter. All of the DLC modes are great, and provide a substantial body of content for fans of the the series to sink their teeth into. The definition of a PS4 Essential, so go and get it now.

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