Introducing The Path Finder (UPDATE 1.2)


The Path Finder update introduces planetary vehicles, base sharing, PS4 Pro support, ship/weapon specialisation, permadeath mode, and much more. It shows the path for the future.

Hello games is releasing their next free content update for No Man’s Sky. They’re calling it the Path Finder Update. It adds planetary vehicles plus lots more to the game, and shows the path forward for the future.

Path Finder heralds a new era of planetary exploration in No Man’s Sky. New vehicles, called Exocraft, enable explorers to travel at great speed across even the most inhospitable planetary terrains. There are three Exocraft to unlock and collect through Base Building, each of which can be further improved with powerful weaponry, mining equipment and long-range scanners to maximise their effectiveness.

Here’s a summary of the things Hello Games has added:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro support
  • Improved visuals
  • Owning multiple ships
  • Base sharing online
  • New vehicles – Exocraft
  • Permadeath Mode
  • Build vehicle race tracks
  • Ship specialisations and classes
  • Shop/traders
  • Double the base building variety
  • Multi-tool specialisation and classes
  • New weapon modes
  • Photo Mode
  • Discovery menu
  • Quality of life improvements
  • 50% more original music from 65daysofstatic

The full patch notes are pretty lengthy, so head over to the official Path Finder website for more info.

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