Destiny 2 releases on September 8 worldwide according to an Italian poster.
Two images of the anticipated sequel to Bungie’s Destiny were “leaked” ahead of E3.
If this is a piece of fan art, it’s probably the best I’ve seen so far. But since the original was released on September 9 worldwide, the beta was in May and the pictures are really convincing, we’ll assume the date is correct.

The have been a lot of rumors floating around the part couple of months but none of them seem to be grounded in truth. Then these photo’s taken by a GameStop Italy employee showed up and we have a semi-confirmed release date. It seems odd that Bungie hasn’t confirmed or announced a beta for D2, but the poster is very clear about this happening in May.

destiny 2 date

We have so much more questions about D2 and we’ll address and discuss them the coming months. If we have new clues or confirmed details, you can read them right here at GameGeekz. In June be sure to check out our E3 coverage, because we believe all details and gameplay will be revealed there!

source: fpspoint

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