Nex Machina formerly known as Project Jarvis – being developed with Eugene Jarvis and all – is due Summer 2017 on Playstation 4 and Steam. So we’ll give you a nice preview on what you will be playing when the game releases. This fast paced top down twin-stick-shooter has all the right ingredients from Resogun and Alienation combined and than some. A feast for the eyes and ears, but gameplay truly is King!

While we wait for the perfect side-scrolling-shooter PlayStation exclusive Matterfall to arrive -from the same Finnish studio Housemarque- we can play Nex Machina first. The community is playing the closed beta now so Housemarque can tweak the last blemishes. They want to deliver the perfect twin-stick-shooter because allegedly this will be their last one. We gave this “cablepunk” top-down shooter a go and loved it. If you haven’t done so far, be sure to pre-order this now and get a free theme.

Sound & Visuals

A lot feels pretty familiar if you have played previous Housemarque titles such as Resogun, Alienation or even Outland. Nex Machina sounds and looks a lot like these titles but it’s upgraded. The music again has those futuristic pumping beats to keep you going on forever (more about this later). Visuals are bright and the voxels are blasting in your face. The variation in the detailed foreground and blocked Minecraft-like background are quite appealing to me.


There really isn’t a lot to tell you about the story off of what I’ve played so far. But what I know from the trailer, gameplay session and interview with Mikael Haveri last GamesCom it comes down to this. The people in the future have gotten even more addicted and reliant on technology. The robots have become aware about this and are going to become the dominant species on earth. Your job is to represent humanity and push back this aggressive AI entity which leads the machines. Save our planet, be the hero!


As I’ve said before, with Nex Machina gameplay really is King. I already liked their twin-stick-shooters but this is the genre redefined. The action is high-paced, enemies spawn from all around you. Don’t blink and keep your focus or you will lose your shield and be reset to the beginning of the stage. If you succeed you will proceed to the next part of the level seamlessly. This is where the brilliance kicks in; you can keep playing until you finish the game, never having to get out of your zone. I love the flow of this game whereas previous titles made you pauze and wait for more action. End the machines and save the humans.

Season Structure

On top of the core game experience such as standard arcade and level modes, Housemarque has created a more competitive environment for the players to interact in. Lasting a specific amount of time (weeks or months), during the seasons you have an option to gain Ranks, Experience Points, and Season Coins — and compete against your friends on the leaderboards. Seasons also have their own set of different challenges for making your gameplay experience a lot more skill-based and long-lasting.


Nex Machina has been structured so that all of the defining parameters of gameplay are listed in these so called “game rules”, which then will be mixed and matched to create slightly different game experiences. One example is the game speed, which can be adjusted to be twice as fast to really test how long you can survive — or you could have a challenge with enemy revenge bullets meaning that all the enemies would start spawning those, adding a new layer of reactive gameplay.

Replay Mode

Replay mode has been built into the game mainly for the community, allowing you to see other players runs and learn what makes them so good, which techniques they are using, and how do they approach and address difficult but rewarding situations. All of the leaderboard entries are effectively recorded, which means it’s possible to enter the leaderboards, select an entry, and watch the replay.

Just go and check those gameplay videos for yourselves, Pre-order the friggin’  game and try and beat my score once the game is released on PS4: hoipexn 😉

Official website of Housemarque

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