Publisher Paradox Interactive, together with developer Haemimont Games, has announced Surviving Mars. In the new simulation game you have to build a colony on Mars. Haemimont Games developed the Tropico series in the past, a simulation game where you play the role of a dictator. The release will take place somewhere in 2018, but when exactly is still unknown.

In Surviving Mars, the main goal is to keep the settlers alive on Mars. You do that by building and developing a settlement. In order to survive the rough conditions of the planet, you build space domes in which houses and buildings can be located. Each dome contains unique advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you also need to grow food, collect minerals and do research to make progress in the scientific field. Check out the announcement trailer below:

The game will not support multiplayer, but it does include mod support. Players can create their own buildings and share them within the community. Surviving Mars will be released somewhere in 2018 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux.

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