Shadow of the Colossus Finally Coming to PS4


The surprise E3 2017 announcement is being developed by Bluepoint Games and Japan Studio. Making one of the most artistic, emotional, and celebrated games ever made available for a new audience.

The unexpected reveal of Shadow of the Colossus during Sony PlayStation’s E3 2017 Media Showcase was a rare moment of true surprise and delight and one Jorge and I will remember for a while. We were so happy to see the first trailer of the game developed by Bluepoint Games and my personal favorite Sony’s JAPAN Studio, Shadow of the Colossus looks to be looks to be lovingly rebuilt for PS4.

Though the game’s specifics are scarce at present, we did get a first look at some beautiful and impressive in-game footage from the announce trailer. Check out the E3 2017 exclusive trailer for Shadow of the Colossus below:

What did you think? Happy to see a Remaster of this timeless classic? I’m hoping we’ll have more details on the PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus in the months ahead. Stay tuned!


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