Uncharted 4 Classic Throwback Multiplayer Available Now


Naughty Dog has released the latest DLC update to Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and Survival, which will also be included with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy at launch.

The update includes Classic Mode as a permanent gametype, Ranked King of the Hill, new weapons, over 80 new customization items, and more. The DLC will hopefully keep Uncharted 4 players busy until the studio releases their first standalone adventure in the Uncharted franchise history led by fan-favorite character, Chloe Frazer.

After debuting in the Beta Test playlist, Classic Mode is now a permanent gametype available from the Multiplayer menu. This back-to-basics mode focuses on core combat and traversal–there’s no in-game store, no Mysticals, and no Sidekicks.

Here’s a full list of the mode rules:

  • No store (no sidekicks, mystical, heavy weapons to purchase)
  • No marking (Boosters that allow marking will not function)
  • No weapon mods or Hero Weapons
  • No radar
  • Grenades only
  • Instant respawn
  • Heavy Weapons spawn on the map

Check out the new trailer and visit NaughtyDog.com for a detailed breakdown of everything included.

This update is available now to all Uncharted 4 owners now, but will also be included with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy when it launches on August 22.

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