GOD WARS Future Past has finally released on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita after being hit by a 3 month delay.  The game explores the untold history of Japan and offers a somewhat tactical combat experience all filled with mythology and wonder.

Kadokawa Games, developer of Demon Gaze and Natural Doctrine, went all out with God Wars. The studio is offering a more traditional type of tactical RPG to their player base. The game feels, plays and looks more like a successful reinterpretation of the genre than the studios’ previous attempt of innovating the Tactical RPG genre, Natural Doctrine -which was a decent game, but not as good as I hoped.

In March NIS America, the game’s publisher and publisher of countless other localised Japanese video games, announced the game would be delayed for a whopping 3 months. This delay should have provided Kadokawa Games with time for additional development and in-game balancing to ensure the best possible experience for interested gamers and fans of the studio. Unfortunately, none of that extra effort is noticeable in the end product.

About The Story:

A long time ago, there was a beautiful land made up of three nations: Fuji, Izumo, and Hyuga. This land was called Mizuho. The people of Mizuho disliked conflict, honored their ancestral spirits, and lived in harmony with nature. However, over time, they began cultivating crops, forging and using metal, fighting wars, destroying nature, and neglecting to honor their ancestral spirits.

In the meantime, various locations in Mizuho suffered from natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. In order to stop a destructive eruption, the Queen of Mizuho, Tsukuyomi, sacrificed her beloved daughter Sakuya to the mountain, confined her other daughter Kaguya within a bamboo seal in case of future disasters, and then disappeared. 13 years later, Princess Kaguya has grown into a beautiful woman and her childhood friend, Kintaro, saves her during a riot. She rises against her “fate to be a sacrifice,” and in order to follow her own path, they both escape from Fuji and journey across Mizuho to discover the truth behind Tsukuyomi’s decision.

God Wars: Future Past is a tactical RPG that fuses stories from the oldest record of Japan’s history, the Kojiki book, with traditional Japanese tales. Explore the lives of heroes who made their mark by fighting against the fate set out before them. Ultimately the game is kinda unique in it’s way of retelling ancient history and offers a fresh new experience.

Tactical Combat Gameplay:

The game’s core gameplay consists of easy to learn, hard to master battles. Where characters align themselves on a grid-based map in an isometric perspective, and each character has a different measure of attack ranges and effects in arrangements of tiles. The characters take turns according to a speed rating, and can be rendered vulnerable by attacks outside their facing or from higher ground. They also deal more damage when they are on the attacking side, attacking from higher ground will deal more damage etc. The best way to explain the game’s gameplay is by showing a bit of our preview video – for your convenience we have started the video later than the full preview version.

In total the game offers 14 playable characters from more than 30 classes with 400+ skills and more than 250 unique pieces of equipment. While that might sound like a lot it never felt overwhelming to me. The game’s character progression is defined by a multitude of job classes. Each character can wield up to three jobs: A main job, a sub-job, and a “unique” job that can’t be changed, and is unique to the character. The game’s basic jobs quickly branch out into more specialised classes, and even further into advanced professions unique to that job. With jobs determining both stat growth and the breadth of available skills that can unlocked and improved with “Job Points” earned in combat, there’s a lot of potential and strategy involved to customise your active party.

Visually satisfying:

The game’s visuals are heavily inspired by traditional Japanese ink painting and wood carving art, the artwork of God Wars honourably portraits an age filled with mythology and wonder. Offering an unique visual flavour to the well known and beloved genre. The beautiful character portrait art looks gorgeous and blends in perfectly and smooth with the game’s many fully animated videos. However, the actual in game graphics look a bit outdated on PS4. It is worth to mention though that these looked better on the Playstation Vita version of the game.


I have been happily waiting for Kadokawa Games’ latest RPG project to arrive, getting more excited with each new trailer. And after being able to spend a decent amount of time with the game I can only feel generally content and moderately excited with what the studio is offering. The game’s gameplay doesn’t offer new groundbreaking features and feels a bit uninspiring at least. However, the game’s unique story and narrative, combined with it’s gorgeous graphics and awesome full animated movies is what keeps you hooked till the very end.

Discover Japan’s untold stories in GOD WARS Future Past. Available now on Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. Learn more about the game at the game’s official website.

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