SFV| Abigail Reveal Trailer


Capcom has announced Street Fighter V‘s 4th Season 2 DLC warrior. Final Fight‘s Abigail will enter the ring July 25th on Playstation 4 and PC.

Capcom has confirmed that Final Fight’s Abigail will be the 4th Season 2 DLC character joining the Street Fighter V roster. He looks completely different than his original incarnation, the Mad Gear gang member is a giant compared to the likes of Ryu, – even Zangief looks a bit small. Still no sign of Sagat though.

Abigail is a heavy hitting grappler who overwhelms opponents with his immense strength and huge bulk. Alongside overwhelming command throws, he has an armoured charge move, a multi-hitting flip which takes up almost half the screen and a Critical Art where he uses his opponent as a speed bag. Much like Hugo in Street Fighter 4, be very afraid. Players looking to pickup the Final Fight warrior will surely use his hight to their advantage. Check out the character reveal trailer below:

Abigail is coming to Street Fighter V July 25th on Playstation 4 and PC.


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