New YS VIII Trailer Focuses On Dana


NIS America has released a brand new trailer for Falcom’s upcoming YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. The new trailer focuses on the game’s titular heroine Dana herself. 

We are really excited about YS VIII and hope you are too – you all should be. And with each and every new trailer we get a bit more hyped for the game’s September release.

We got hyped last night when NIS America released a new trailer for the game. The trailer, which focuses on Dana, is in my opinion the best trailer we have seen so far.

Meet Dana, a mysteriously beautiful blue haired maiden that Adol Christin dreams about when he travels and explores the isle of Seiren. Who is she and more importantly what is she? What’s her purpose? Check out the trailer below:

YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana will release September 12, 2017 on Playstation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Pre-order your copy.

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