5 years ago we started GameGeekz, and we are really proud of our adventure and your support.
To celebrate our anniversary we are giving away some tickets to join us at GamesCom 2017.
Want to check out the upcoming games? Enter the competition and maybe we’ll see you in Cologne!

5 Years GameGeekz

To enter our competition and join us in Cologne at GamesCom 2017, simply visit the link and support our various media and check in daily to score more points. Every point works like a lottery ticket and the more point you score, the higher your chance to win those lovely tickets!
If you’re really smart you’ll ask your mates/ girls to do so as well and if you win you go together 😉


For now all we can say to you is thank you for the support over the years, good luck and fingers crossed.
Even if you don’t win the competition but will attend GamesCom anyway, just give us a shout out on Twitter and we can meet up and have a drink!
If you have any suggestions on which games we need to cover in Cologne, please feel free to let us know and we’ll check them out.

Stay tuned to GameGeekz and our YouTube channel for updates on GamesCom and all upcoming games.

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Jorge Wolters Gregório

Gamer dad who loves the classics, indies, racers and the occasional shooter. Have been in the industry for almost two decades now and am as enthusiastic as ever! #4theplayers

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