Cars 3 is the latest Pixar movie now in cinema’s around the globe, and inflames another marketing rush on all things related to Lightning McQueen and his friends. Let’s see if this new game “Driven to Win” has won over our hearts or slams into the wall.

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Cars 3 Story

In this new adventure, Lightning McQueen becomes the underdog as young gun Jackson Storm takes over the sport as a force of nature. A fierce battle in which McQueen has to go all-in to keep on racing and gets help from his crew of friends from Radiator Springs and some new models. Fortunately, developer Avalanche doesn’t force you to play the story of the movie, but gives you the freedom to explore the world of Cars 3 through various missions/ races. This game is all about speed; I am speed.


Having worked on Disney Infinity and Cars 2, Avalanche has gained quite some experience in making games for kids. The game takes you to iconic places like Thunder Hollow and Heartland Countryside, but also on a trip down memory-lane to London and Radiator Springs. Alongside McQueen you can also race with Mater, Cruz Ramirez and 20 more cars, which you will unlock during the game. Every car has it’s own driving style and set of tricks you can perform, which keeps it a lot of fun throughout the game. You unlock cars by completing “Skill Checks” during races. These are tasks like performing two flips on one jump, making other cars go off-track or shooting the race leader.


Taking the top podium on all twenty tracks is not the only goal/ game mode in this game. We have a mode where the track is littered with crazy weapons with which you can annoy your opponents, use power-ups, speed boosts and win the race that way. It’s hard not to compare the mode to Mario Kart, but it is quite similar just set in the Cars 3 universe. There’s  this very addictive horde-mode in which you fend off waves of opponents and make it to the end or the round. While the timer counts down, you get precious time back for every opponent you take down.


Lastly, we have the Cars 3 Stunt mode. Yes, you guessed it right; during the race you have to perform different stunts and nail them to be the best of the pack. Driving backward or on two wheels, jumps, flips and many more stunts to choose from. What was annoying is the AI opponents are clearly having less trouble in performing the stunt which gives them a big advantage. You have to keep pushing and trying really hard to win this mode, especially kids like my 6-year old son have a hard time keeping motivated.


This is also the main problem of the game; it’s difficult for the younger kids. Even for myself, some challenges were hard to accomplish so I can imagine my son not feeling like playing the game anymore. It even stopped working on our Switch all together and we had to delete the data and start over. The Cars 3 experience is very good overall, but it hasn’t got the appeal of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Especially without an online mode and only two player couch multiplayer. So if you and your kids are up for a challenge and big Cars 3 fans you should get this game and have a blast playing it, otherwise just wait for a price down. The game is available on WiiU, Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE.

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