Shadow of the Colossus @ PSX 2017


The release of Shadow of the Colossus us closing in and Sony and Bluepoint Games have revealed some new footage during PSX 2017.

Watch the evolution of Shadow of the Colossus from PS2 to PS3 and see how it’s been rebuilt from the ground up for PS4.

Sony talked to Bluepoint Games to understand how they approached designing for the PS4 Pro, and the differences between the two modes: Cinematic Mode, and Performance mode, which targets 60 FPS.

The people from Playstation underground play Shadow of the Colossus with the developers from Bluepoint Games! Rebuilt from the ground up, Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 features entirely new collision systems and rendering features, as well as targeted 60 FPS mode available on PS4 Pro.

Shadow of the Colossus will be available February 6, 2018. Pre-order Now!

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