From the creators of Motorstorm and Driveclub come the new arcade racer OnRush by Codemasters Cheshire studio. The release date has been set for June 5th 2018 with a Deluxe Edition on that same day. So now all you petrolheads wait for the beta somewhere at the end of April.

The team behind MotorStorm and Driveclub has announced a June 5th release date for Onrush, its shiny new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One racing game. There’s also a PS4 Deluxe Edition with extra vehicle designs and other gubbins. Onrush pre-orders are now live for both platforms. Put your money down on PS4 and you’ll get access to a beta in April.

Onrush is the first game to come from Sony’s former Evolution Studios team since it was saved from being shut down by Codemasters. Alongside the release date announcement, Codemasters has shared a gallery of new screenshots taken with the game’s photo mode. You can see a selection just below.

For more info on OnRush stay tuned to GameGeekz or visit Codemasters blog.

[update 20-feb]

Codemasters spat out an awesome trailer “the stampede is coming” and additional info on OnRush:

Anyway, let’s get down to some serious ONRUSH business!

As you probably know, ‘The Stampede Is Coming’ trailer has just SMASHED its way onto your screens, showcasing the absolute carnage you will experience every single time you jump into a race in ONRUSH.

In fact, it’s probably worth mentioning that ALL the action in the trailer was taken directly from ONRUSH races. Nothing staged just pure, adrenaline-fuelled action. And, just so you know, that AWESOME, bespoke track you can hear pumping through your speakers/headphones is Crevasse – by the Qemists

As there’s SO MUCH going on in the trailer, I thought it’d be a good idea to slow the mayhem down a bit and pick out some of the key info and explain it in a bit more depth. So, by now you may have noticed that ONRUSH will feature a variety of different vehicle classes – and there are! There’s eight to be precise! And they are called… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan and Enforcer.

That’s great, Aaron, but what’s so special about them? Well, for starters, each class has its own unique style, handling and abilities. These unique attributes will be key to RUSHing your team to victory, especially in online competition; where tactics are key.

Some abilities are more tailored for the offensive-minded – those of you who have a bit of rage built up and want to inflict devastating takedowns on your rivals.

For the more Florence Nightingale among you, support abilities are also hugely important in clinching a victory. I mean, what is a team without team players!? So no matter what class is calling to you, you’ll play a vital role in helping your team smash your rivals into a million metallic pieces.

Oh, and it goes without saying that if you’re not feeling your current class in certain online races, you can pick another and rejoin the action! You probably also noticed a bunch of amazing liveries in the trailer, which come from the awesome artists at AnyForty.

Needless to say, in ONRUSH you will have an endless amount of customisation options at your fingertips to ensure that you stand out from the stampede.

So, by this point, you’re probably sick of me talking and you’ll want to know when you can get hands on. Well, do we have some good news for you! EVERYONE on Xbox and PlayStation will be able to join the stampede when we launch our OPEN BETA in May!
That means you’ll be able to perfect your takedowns, hone your team-tactics and ready your RUSH before ONRUSH barrel rolls its way onto your console on June 5th.


So, more images, a kick-ass trailer and an open beta in May! We certainly got excited, how about you guys?

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