DJMAX RESPECT Coming to the West


The Dark Souls of rhythm game comes to PlayStation 4 exclusively. Experience the culmination of 12 years of DJMAX series with 147 tracks in the base game. For the first time in the history of the series, play local multiplayer and online multiplayer. Try to be the best in the world with global ranking challenge!

DJMax Respect’s base game contains an unheard of 147 songs with 40 new songs available exclusively for the title. With multiple difficulty levels and a rich achievement system, the base game alone should give fans of the long running series hours and hours of challenges. The studio has completely remastered the tracks and the music videos to run flawlessly at 60 FPS in 1080p.

In addition, all DLC that’s available in Asia will be released within the first month of base game release. There’s a tons of DLC to choose from. The studio has also worked on collaborations with other games such as Guilty Gear, Brown Dust and Girls’ Frontline. The base game and the DLC will allow you to own every song that was ever shipped in DJMax franchise, remastered.

Available globally via PSN on March 6th, 2018! More info can be found at the DJMAX RESPECT website.
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