NieR: Automata Glory to Metal Released


Materia Collective has released Ferdk’s Symphonic Metal Tribute to NieR: Automata called, NieR: Automata Glory to Metal. Glory To Metal features a selection of music from Keiichi Okabe’s critically acclaimed soundtrack to NieR:Automata.

This powerful four-track metal EP is arranged and performed by artist Ferdk, known for his take on videogame music arranged into Symphonic Metal. Most of Ferdk’s work can be found on his YouTube channel.

The EP features key themes from the acclaimed soundtrack composed by Keiichi Okabe and his team at MoNACA in reimagined into a Symphonic Metal style, these arrangements combine the hard-hitting drums and heavy guitars that define the metal genre with cinematic orchestral layers to achieve a huge, bombastic sound.

Glory to Metal (A Symphonic Metal Tribute to NieR: Automata) is fully licensed and available today on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. The EP includes fan-favorite “Grandma (Destruction)” alongside a collection of other impressive themes from NieR: Automata with some unexpected picks for a metal album:

01. Bipolar Nightmare
02. Alien Manifestation
03. Forest Kingdom
04. Grandma (Destruction)

Glory to Metal (A Symphonic Tribute to NieR: Automata) on Bandcamp

Glory to Metal (A Symphonic Tribute to NieR: Automata) on iTunes

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