Konami finally released the Metal Gear spin-off nobody was really waiting and asking for. Metal Gear Survive is the first Metal Gear game released after the heartbreaking and tear-jerking breakup between Konami and the ever brilliant Hideo Kojima. It’s safe to say this is not Metal Gear Solid VI.

Konami has had a hard time after the breakup with Kojima. Fans have started turning their backs on the publisher after the news of Hideo Kojima’s departure was announced. They were criticized by many for their unethical treatment of multiple employees and so beyond. Konami not having published any noteworthy games besides PES after these events certainly didn’t win back any fans or brought in new ones.

Metal Gear Survive dares to take a nerve breaking and foolishly brave jump into uncharted territory. This is not the stealth espionage action game you are looking for. This is Survival in a “pseudo-historical” series of events taking place after Ground Zeroes’ conclusion. The game will be a tough sell with its super-generic zombies called wanderers and a reputation already poisoned by the controversy surrounding it.

The Good:

Metal Gear Survive is not a Metal Gear game! Survive might use the Metal Gear name due to its popularity, fame and recognition but it does not come close to anything remotely resembling the Metal Gear we love and cherish. The game does use the iconic Metal gear sound effects and D-Walkers. It leaves our cherished memories of Snake intact. That’s a good thing.

Metal Gear Survive is actually a pretty decent and okay-ish survival game. Personally I’m not too keen on the survival genre but the game offers a few cool tricks and a more than decent crafting and base-building system that’s both enjoyable and addictive. Especially in the first half of the game. The game does a good job at explaining what you can and should do in order to survive and is not afraid to remind you of those key objectives. The game keeps offering new challenges and tools to make you want to survive long enough to reach home.

The gameplay mechanics are top-notch and work like they should. This is what you should come to expect from the famed Metal Gear series and the Fox Engine. If you played any of the recent Metal Gear Solid games you will feel familiar with the controls and will be ready to destroy some wanderers in no time.

The game’s multiplayer is a nice and welcome addition as the single-player campaign gets repetitive and frustrating at points. Personally I really enjoyed the game’s multiplayer ever since we got a taste of it at Gamescom last year. I was intensely looking forward to being able to play a few rounds once I reached the required level. Unfortunately, my friends didn’t feel the need to play Metal Gear Survive and I ended up playing with some randos. It’s nice to play a few waves and the Kuban Energy rewards you will manage to get is worth the hassle of playing with randos.

The Bad:

Metal Gear Survive is not a Metal Gear game! It does not come close to anything remotely resembling the Metal Gear we love and cherish. Expecting a game worthy of the Metal Gear name and brand is foolish to say at least. I am not sure which future Konami is planning for the series but I will restrain my happiness when the time comes for a new numbered entry in the series.

The game offers the most nonsensical story in the franchise’s history. It’s downright horrible. Calling it “pseudo-historical” does not mean you can fuck it up thoroughly without offending and disappointing the fans of the series. A small glimpse of Big Boss offered in the very beginning of the game sparked the slightest sliver of misplaced hope.

The in-game world (Dite) a barren dessert that looks plain and boring, uninspired to say at least, is one of the worst maps I’ve seen in the series. Even the games “Jungle” map, which is an upgrade compared to the dry dessert, falls short compared to previous Metal Gear entries. The overall design of the game is generic and unimaginative and surprisingly looks worse than Metal Gear Solid V’s.

While the core gameplay mechanics are as solid as a snake and surprisingly enjoyable the game can get repetitive and boring at certain points. You are not offered with a multitude of diversity in the game’s objectives and options. At a certain point the grind kicks in and you’ll find yourself repeating the same simple tasks turned into chores to get the material you need to craft the item you desire. Just to find out your newly crafted item is worthless and the desire for the next big thing kicks in. The grind continues.

Should you play metal Gear Survive?

You will find yourself highly disappointed if you’re really eager to pick up Metal Gear Survive expecting to get the series unrivaled signature stealth espionage action. Wishing you could experience an intriguing political story as crazy and immersive as previous entries. This is not Metal Gear Solid VI!

However, if you’re planning to pick up Survive for its survival gameplay and you genuinely promise to treat the game completely separately from the numbered entries, you’ll discover that Survive is actually a decent survival game that features cool gadgets and sound effects once Iconic to one of the greatest game series of the highest quality ever to be released. Survive is among the best survival games I’ve ever played.

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