Destiny 2’s roadmap is a list of new features and changes coming to Bungie‘s space shooter in the coming weeks and months. In a bid to improve communication from the studio, Bungie is continuing to date all updates – from bug fixes and tweaks, to new features that keep the game fresh and interesting.

Destiny 2 development roadmap

Here is the latest Destiny 2 roadmap, up to date as of March 15th
Upcoming updates in chronological order are:


Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 (March 27th)

These are primarily Sandbox and Crucible changes:

  • Weapon / ability sandbox changes
  • 6v6 mode in Iron Banner
  • Mayhem and Rumble Crucible playlists
  • Crucible ammo and gameplay tuning
  • Crucible quitter penalties
  • Protection against Crucible maps and Strike maps being loaded twice in a row
  • Exotic repetition reduction (originally intended for February 27)
  • Nightfall strike unique rewards (originally intended for February 27)
  • Companion vender viewing (originally intended for February 27)

Destiny 2 update 1.2.0 (May, exact date TBA)

This will roll out with a new season of content, and likely the game’s second DLC pack:

  • Eater of Worlds Prestige mode
  • Seasonal Crucible rankings
  • Private matches in Crucible
  • More vault space
  • The ability to equip multiple emotes
  • Masterworks for Exotics
  • Seasonal vendor progression
  • Faction Rally improvements
  • Exotic sandbox changes (originally intended for February 27)
  • Heroic Strike modifiers (originally intended for February 27)

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