Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a catchy folk soundtrack by BAFTA-nominated composer Ryan Ike tells the history of the United States and explores its varied culture through music.

Materia Collective today releases the infectious folk soundtrack to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine composed by Ryan Ike. Just as in the game, listeners will enjoy folklore from across the United States spanning over a century of history through the varied and authentic soundtrack that touches on everything from blues and swing to patriotic marches and tunes inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The album features amazing artowrk by Kellan Jett and can be purchased via Bandcamp, digitally and on Vinyl. Featuring well over a dozen live performers and songs ranging the breadth of American music, from folk to bluegrass to big band jazz. Like America itself, this album is one big story, woven of many small ones.  Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Original Game Soundtrack is available now!

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Original Game Soundtrack on Bandcamp

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