Originally developed by Psygnosis games, turned into Liverpool Studios, assimilated into XDev (with Clever Beans and EPOS), the WipEout series has been crafted to perfection over the decades on various platforms. Culminating in the WipEout Omega Collection which is absolutely perfect.

What is this eye-candy?

WipEout is known as a gameshow among non-gamers, but if you haven’t just been playing tag as a kid since 1995, you’ll know it as one of the, if not the best, racing games. Originally developed by Psygnosis games, turned into Liverpool Studios, assimilated into XDev (with Clever Beans and EPOS), the series has been crafted into perfection over the decades on various platforms.

I tried 2048, HD, and Fury in this collection, and all of them look like brand new games running at the smoothest 60fps you could imagine. It doesn’t even make sense how good this collection looks. I keep telling myself this repeatedly and it feels like I’m going insane. I’m sweating, I’m delirious, what is going on…

The game starts off with what I think is a perfect difficulty, plus it can be changed to Novice, or Skilled, or Elite. Either way, the game will get faster and faster the more progress you make, and it’s truly a thing to behold. Don’t even get me started on the beauty of Zone Mode.

The Good:

If you’ve never played WipEout, keep in mind this game will probably melt your face clean off when you try it. But don’t worry, the soundtrack will resurrect you. The speed, the lights, the physics, the destruction. It’s perfection. You’re getting three games here, so the value is a steal at €39,99. After becoming addicted, I would have gladly paid €100,- for this. It’s just that good.

The soundtrack has been completely remastered and sounds utterly incredible. Playing this game with good headphones feels like a dream. Have you ever paused a game because it looked and sounded so good it overwhelmed you? That’s WipEout Omega, and there’s the VR mode…

We know the limitations of the PS VR itself, but XDev draws the maximum out of this device. Fresh new menus are really cool, and when you start a race, your mouth will stay opened the entire experience. The view is amazing, the cockpits are detailed and you really feel like you’re in the ship. The movement is fluent and really fast; you’ll get a bit of motion sickness at first, but the more I played, the better my stomach felt. XDev even sent out press-kits without the game but with only some WipEout branded puke-bags.

The Bad:

The only negative aspect of this game is not XDev’s fault but Sony’s. Where the hell is my brand new 2018 PlayStation handheld device? I really need to also play the Omega Collection on the go, in bed and while pooping. It’s like your heroin dealer only lets you get your fix on the sofa… Let’s go Sony, it’s almost E3 time again!

Why You Should Play:

If you like racing games or love beautiful 60fps 4K HDR titles on your PlayStation, this is the game for you. Everything feels polished to the max here. There is no better WipEout experience than this. I’m crying, it’s so good. The best racing game I’ve played in years; this collection is, for lack of a better word, godlike.

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