I Hate Running Backwards is already etched in my memory for life since we first played it at GamesCom 2017. In the Devolver Digital booth as well as in the Indie Area we just loved every pixel and voxel of this game. Now the guys from Binx and Devolver casually dropped the launch trailer with a May 22nd release date worldwide on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and Switch to follow this summer. “Here comes trouble!”

In case you didn’t watch the I Hate Running Backwards release trailer above, it’s just awesome! As Serious Sam and loads of guest characters, you clear screen after screen filled with enemies until you can’t play anymore. In this top-down shooter (or shoot-em-down according to Bernard) enemies with keep coming at you from the bottom as you keep “running backwards” to the top. You’ll travel through this procedurally generated mixed space-time continuum and obtain plenty of cool weapons to survive the endless waves of enemies. “It looks so unreal!”

Sure you can play this top-down on-rails shooter since you’re old school and a gaming veteran, but it’s much more fun with a friend on your couch! You heard us, you can and need to play this coop in your living room, bedroom, clubhouse or treehouse for extra fun. Work together like you’re twins or try and set the game to hard and f*ck each other over. Choose your team-ups wisely since characters have their own special attributes with come in handy. And fill up those power-bars to perform those awesome ultra attacks! “With great pleasure.”

The wait since we spoke with Bernard and Denis last GamesCom was long and hard, but from May 22nd we all can enjoy this gem from Binx Interactive published by Devolver Digital. So top up those wallets and “let’s kick some ass!”

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