Warmind gave me high hopes with its launch trailer as Rasputin intrigued me and many other Guardians around the globe. Now the dlc is live since my birthday, does Warmind warm our gaming hearts or leave Destiny players cold as ice?

After December’s disappointing first expansion Curse of Osiris (read our review here), Bungie really had to up their game on Warmind, and it is Vicarious Visions who made this piece of dlc. Warmind primarily takes place on Mars in Hellas Basin near the polar ice caps. We’re quickly introduced to Anastacia/ Ana Bray, a long-lost guardian, who was thought to be dead in the Destiny 1 universe. Turns out she’s alive and kicking and has been on Mars the whole time. There’s some mention of the Hive and a weapon and Rasputin (the Warmind) makes an appearance in this expansion.

What is it all about?

There is a story in Warmind, but not a very strong one. You help Ana Bray find the data she is looking for, shoot a bunch of ice-Hive and emote your way around Mars. More interesting is the large number of stronger enemies and the boss encounter with Nokris which pose a challenge in the first run. The quest of defeating worm-god Xol was quite a good playthrough but didn’t completely bring what I had hoped. The story of the Bray family and why Xol chose Mars as it’s location could have been explored some more. Without the Grimoire cards it’s no fun memorizing the story until you find another small piece somewhere on the red planet. And lastly, more interaction with the actual Warmind Rasputin would have been cool since we heard so much about him in D1 and D2. Missed potential.

One thing that Warmind does do very well, is make the gameplay cater the fans/ feel more like Destiny 1. Early on in the campaign you’re faced with a ton of Hive and a huge Ogre. That gunfight and a couple after that later on in the campaign really did feel a lot more like how Destiny used to feel and should feel. Vicarious Visions have done a great job bringing that Destiny 1 vibe back into the game. Shooting your way to power level 380 is something I want to do now.


Apart from the 2-hour story campaign, there are four new adventures and a couple of new strikes, and there’s also a PlayStation exclusive strike which seems to have riled up the community once again. Suck it Xbox players 😉 The new Mars area is very well designed and does bring a touch of nostalgia for the original Mars in Destiny 1. The area is not particularly large, maybe a bit bigger than Titan. There is, however, two new lost sectors and Warmind sees the return of the Defend the Warsat public events. There’s also a new endgame level public event called Escalation Protocol, which is really fun to try and complete. The thing here is you’ll need a lot of players in the public space to help you out, and I recommend being at least power level 370 if you want to have any chance at all.

On the subject of power levels, levelling in Warmind is a bit of a grind. There’s a soft cap of 345 and after that, it’s a long and arduous grind to max power level. There have been some complaints from the community about the power grind, particularly heroic strikes not giving good enough rewards. Bungie aims to have something in place in the coming months to ease the power level grind though. Warmind also introduces a new Raid Lair called Spire of Stars and the usual handful of new Crucible maps, which are well balanced and fun to play. Warmind also brings back collectables in the form of “data fragments” that you have to shoot with the right elemental damage to collect them, which after finding all 45 gives you a decent reward.


Overall Warmind isn’t a bad expansion and Vicarious Visions have done a pretty decent job at making Destiny 2 more amusing again. It hasn’t inspired me to jump on every day and put in over 9000 hours in Destiny 2 like I did with Destiny 1 but it has given me some renewed energy to play it more regularly. There are still some flaws and some issues that need to be fixed with Destiny 2, but for now, it definitely feels like additional work was done to make it better than Curse of Osiris. The positive thing about Warmind and the recent updates Bungie has done to the game is that Destiny 2 is slowly but surely improving but will it ever improve beyond the level Destiny 1 was at the end of its life. Surely that what the sequel will eventually do.

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