OnRush is the arcade racing dream of the remainder of Evolution Studios dubbed Codemasters Evo.
After MotorStorm and DriveClub this third take on the arcade racing genre and we are quite happy with the result. Do you love racing, action and adrenaline rushes? Then check out why you should get this game!

Onrush looks gorgeous, as you would expect from the team behind DriveClub, and it’s more extravagant than its predecessors. Bleached white beaches stretch out beneath blue skies, events cascade through golf courses and through mountain ranges. Particles and debris spark across the screen, all while keeping to a sweet and steady 60fps. And we can’t forget to mention the great soundtrack. It’s as sublime a technical achievement as any of Evolution Studios’ output, and an even more remarkable one when you consider this is a multi-platform release, pulled together on an all-new engine in just over two years.

It’s not an existing formula but is has quite the MotorStorm meet Blur feel to it, when you race and knock-out the other team in this stampede. You really belong to your team and are “forced” to play according. You can’t get in front to much but when you stay behind, your whole team slows down and sort of picks you up. This seems quite strange at first, but works really well since the game’s main purpose is not for you to finish first every race. You need to perform tricks to fill up your boost, and need to boost to fill your Rush-bar and Rush your team into victory!

Game modes

There are four game modes you get to play in OnRush. We have Overdrive where you string takedowns and tricks to gain points for the team. In Lockdown you play a kind of “King of the Hill” where the teams compete for a zone to occupy. Switch is a lot of fun because you race all vehicles starting the bike and working your way up the ladder, much like Gun Game from the CoD series. And lastly a mode which feels the most traditional: Countdown. You race the clock to pass as many gates as possible, denying your opponents in the process.

I like this game because it absolutely feels like an arcade racer, but Evo made yet something distinctively different this time. Highly welcomed in this era of simulators and shitty attitude Need For Speed games. Usually an excentric different and refreshingly good game means low sales figures, but I wish this one all the success in the world. Not for my own pleasure of racing a lot of people online, but to recognize the skill and passion Evo pours into their games.

OnRush is a different but very well executed take on the arcade racing genre, and if you’re into crushing your opponents, winning races and getting deaf, then this is the game for you to buy.
See more of OnRush on its official website or just go get it on PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

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