This September the folks at Bungie are planning a big first birthday for Destiny 2 with the release of the next expansion Forsaken. This biggest dlc to date will tell the tale of the Prison of Elders break out, and SPOILER will kill off our beloved Cayde-6 for good. Not sure where the Tangled Shore and Dreaming City will take us, but having seen this reveal ViDoc below my hopes are high!

Story of “the Cayde”

This fight for the Tangled Shore up to the new Raid “Keep of Voices” will be a much darker and more personal story in Forsaken than the previous expansions. With prince Uldren seeming to be the big baddie in this story, a gang of outlaws known as the eight Barons and their Scorn are the enemies to defeat. They all have special skills for you to combat one-on-one or just demolish them with one of the brand new super abilities you have. Hunters get: Whirlwind Guard, Blade Barrage and Spectral Blades. Titans will have: Banner Shield, Thundercrash and Burning Maul. While the Warlocks get: Well of Radiance, Chaos Reach and Nova Warp.

Issues solved?

Apart from the new (super) abilities the weapons system gets a complete overhaul as well. The slots we now know and are used to will remain, but you can also choose to stock them as you did in D1 or customise them to be uniquely yours and slot three shotties or whatever gets you hard (or wet ladies). This is another way of Bungie meeting the complaints players have had since the launch of D2. Another complaint was the lack of teaming up to finish Escalation Point with your Raid-team or repetitive game modes in Crucible. Bungie came up with Gambit; the new hybrid PvPvE mode.

PvPvE mode Gambit

Gambit will be a separate mode on the Director, existing alongside other play modes like Crucible. These matches open with both four-player teams staring each other down with an opportunity to taunt and emote at their opponents. Enemies killed in your arena drop motes, which you can pick up and bank. That also sends a blocker to the enemy team, which will prevent them from banking until they destroy it. Filling up the bank eventually summons a boss called the Prime Evil. The team which defeats its Prime Evil first wins the match.

PvP comes in as an option for one player from each team to invade the other team’s arena, killing enemy players and generally causing a nuisance during the match. Bungie hopes this hybrid mode will get a little of the competitive spirit instilled in PvE players who’ve bounced off of Crucible in the past.

Content and pricing

With the release of Forsaken on September 4, Bungie also changes the way it brings the content updates in year 2. The “annual pass” compasses three smaller dlc instead of two big releases. You will get Black Armory this winter, Joker’s Wild in spring of 2019 and Penumbra in summer of next year. All for the price of €35,- or $35,- or £25,- for this Annual Pass. If you’re smart you’ll purchase Forsaken + Annual Pass for €70,- $70,- or £60,- and set yourself up for year two!

If you didn’t give the current expansions a chance; check out our review of both Curse of Osiris and Warmind and decide if you want to start the grind for power level 390 now or in September 😉

We’ll be at GamesCom 2018 and get some burning questions answered, such as how will load times be affected, are you tweaking TTK and how will Clan membership be more meaningful in D2Y2?

More on Forsaken on the official Bungie site… And pre-order to get the Cayde’s Exotic Stash!

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