Control is set in one building in a morphing open-world. The Federal Bureau of Control has fallen victim to the supernatural and you as Jesse Fadden have to figure out what is happening in this new-weird story.

Control is being created by Remedy Entertainment Plc. which have brought us popular titles such as Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. If you’re not familiar with these titles you can read up on them at our friends from PayneReactor before you dive into Control. This time Remedy didn’t choose to release another platform exclusive but has teamed up with 505 Games to publish Control on PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE and PC. Sam Lake and the team seem to be outdoing themselves again with Control as you can feel the vibe in the reveal trailer below.

A supernatural story

Control is set in Manhattan, New York within a building called the “Oldest House”. This houses the offices of the Federal Bureau of Control. The purpose of this agency is unclear but seems to have something to do with supernatural powers and entities. Players will assume the role of a female protagonist named Jesse Faden who has a “dark and mysterious past”. When the building is attacked by an other-worldly force called the Hiss, Jesse is “elected” to become the Director of the agency. As director, she has access to her transforming “Service Weapon” that works together with her supernatural abilities such as telekinesis.


Combat varies between fast and frantic and moments of sheer concentration when Jesse utilizes some of her supernatural abilities. We see her levitate, pick up objects and launch them at the bad guys, and generally cause havoc. She’s aided in the combat sequences by her trusty service weapon. The basic form, called Grip, is just your regular run-of-the-mill sidearm, but when it’s transformed into the Shatter form, it resembles a shotgun with a wide blast radius but shortened range. The way the weapon transforms makes it look like a living being and was very cool to watch.

Control is a bit more open-world than previous Remedy titles even though it takes place inside a building. The developers call it “open-ended” rather than “open-world,” but the distinction is blurry. The Oldest House is a strange place that seems to be constantly kaleidoscoping/ shifting and reshaping itself. So the opportunities for exploration are vast.

The game has a straightforward plot and exploring opens side missions that are woven into the main story. Remedy is taking great care to make the side missions seem like a part of the main plot itself. This without making players feel like they must complete them to enjoy the game. Control is entirely built in the in-house Northlight engine and the result is stunning. Physics, lighting and let’s not forget the sound design; it all looks really promising.

Which genre?

Thriller-Action-Adventure is no longer the definition used by Remedy for this title. Instead, the term new-weird has popped up in the gaming industry. Where it used to be a literary genre (read work from Vandermeer, Bishop or Danielewski) it now also falls onto the game of Control. This is according to Remedy because the game blends science fiction with fantasy to create a brand new kind of atmosphere. It seems to combine the suspense from Alan Wake with the supernatural from Quantum Break. Control blends it together to create a new weird kind of action adventure game. We digg it (as you already read in our Best of E3 article) and will be able to tell you more after GamesCom 2018.

See more of Control at its official website or check the announced Dev Diaries on YouTube.


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