Solstice of Heroes offers you Solstice armor, which can be upgraded to Power level 400 through a series of activities. Because this is quite the challenge, we’ve found the list with activities to complete. You only have until the end of August, so better get going with your fireteam!

Throughout most of August, the Tower has been given a makeover, with the addition of new Solstice Eververse Engrams to redeem from Tess, and several statues in the middle of the social space. Not only do these allow you to track your Moments of Triumph, but you can also grab your Solstice of Heroes armor.

First, visit the Tower and complete the remix of the ‘Homecoming’ mission. This allows you to then unlock Solstice armor. This is central to the event’s activities. Each piece has a series of objectives to upgrade it, with each stage increasing its Power Level. Starting at Scorched (200 Power level), there are an additional three stages. Rekindled (350 Power level), Resplendent (400 Power level) then a Masterworked version of that.

How Scorched, Rekindled and Resplendent armour looks. Each appearance is an Ornament if you want to roll it back, too.
solstice of heroes

The steps also vary slightly by class, and to clarify that, the below tables can help.

Hunter Solstice armor upgrade steps

solstice of heroes

Titan Solstice armor upgrade steps

solstice of heroes

Warlock Solstice armor upgrade steps

solstice of heroes

Those pesky orbs

Elemental Orbs are created by wearing entire set of Solstice armor and killing enemies with weapons or sub-class abilities with the corresponding type – Arc, Solar or Void. Though it appears you can mix and match weapon type and sub-class, the theory is aligning them – so your Energy, Power and sub-class are the same – will guarantee the Orbs you are looking for. Yellow bar enemies tend to have higher drop rates, and it’s said that Kinetic will align with your sub-class choice, if you do happen to kill with that. You also need to physically run over the Orbs to add them to your total.

If you are collecting Orbs and the percentage isn’t going up, remember to look at the specific requirements for that piece of armor, as some require Elemental Orbs in a specific activity (such as Strikes) or destination (like the EDZ). The easiest way to complete the list is to concentrate on the other activities, while making kills with that sub-class.

Destiny Solstice of Heroes end date

Solstice of Heroes started on Tuesday, July 31st and ends on Tuesday, August 28th on the weekly reset:

  • UK: 6pm (GMT)
  • Europe: 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 10am (PDT)

At that point, Destiny 2’s 2.0 update will be deployed – as well as pre-loading Forsaken, it will offer a number of updates including weapon slot changes, tweaks to Milestones, the Director and Milestones, more Vault space and bulk shader deletion.

Big thanks to Eurogamer and Rise of Bacon for all the details!

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