Paradox announces the first major expansion for Mars colonization simulation game Surviving Mars. A competitive element is added with the Space Race dlc. Players no longer make an isolated colony on Mars, but have to compete against competitors.

In the Space Race expansion, players compete against other colonies controlled by the computer. The intention is to beat the other colonies by being the first to reach certain milestones in order to become the most powerful Mars colony.

In some areas it is possible to work together, for example by doing business, or responding to emergency calls. Players can also make an emergency call themselves if they run into problems. It is also possible to steal settlers from other colonies.

The Space Race extension costs 13 euros on Steam. What the dlc costs for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game is not yet known. Paradox Interactive has also not announced an exact release date; Space Race will appear ‘later this year’. The expansion is also part of the Season Pass for Surviving Mars. And do should check our review if you’re interested…

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