The GRIS Undone update features music and art that didn’t make the final cut. This includes early designs for the lead character’s dress and an alternative main theme. Congrats to Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital for reaching 300.000 copies!

GRIS closed out 2018 with one of the most visually stunning experiences in recent memory. Ushering players through a young girl’s painful journey through sorrow. Many resonated with the tale, which sold over 300,000 copies on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Devolver Digital is celebrating with an update called GRIS Undone.

GRIS’s art and audio design are major highlights of the experience and the GRIS Undone update shines a spotlight on those aspects. With never-before-shown concept art, aesthetics, and original music that didn’t make the cut for the final version of the game at launch. The update adds a browser to explore the music tracks by Berlinist and unused art from GRIS creative director Conrad Roset. You’ll not only find an alternative version of the main theme, but also early designs of the lead’s dress.

Did you miss GRIS?

GRIS’s lead character is a hopeful young girl who’s sorrow is manifested in her dress. Her dress serves as the mechanic that gives her new abilities to traverse the game’s world. The developers fully immerse players in the gameworld, providing an evocative experience with very little text to distract from the visuals blossoming on screen. Read our GRIS review for more in-depth info.

GRIS launched on 13 December 2018 and is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam. In addition to the new GRIS Undone update, the game is being discounted 15% for a limited time on both platforms.



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