This first “State of Play” stream was very similar to Nintendo’s way of doing things. The footage was all pre-recorded, with a narrator walking us through all the major announcements. After viewing and reviewing this broadcast we think Sony should have named this episode “State of VR”. So was it no good at all? We don’t think that so let us tell you why.

The pace was very good for this first stream, the presentation felt very PlayStation and the amount of information was good. I think everyone had a different vision of what these State of Play event should be. personally I imagined a more live-stream-like event, with personal interaction between a Sony host and developers. And maybe the balance between type of games and including hardware/ peripheral news would be nice for the next one.
We have summed up the software which was showcased including our two-cents for each one.

What’s new to Play?

Iron Man VR
First shown was an Iron Man title for the PSVR which will release this year. The game is being developed by Camouflaj Studios, who brought us the excellent République. It’s an interesting move, but apparently Marvel is also involved in the project, so the quality will have to meet their standards. Either way, it’s a great moment for VR to capture such a high profile brand. It looked very sleek and being a Marvel fanboy, this title looks very promising to me.
Website release: 2019

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled
state of play

We get to see some footage for the Crash Team Racing remake. Beenox is doing a great job remaking Naughty Dogs classic and get you racing like it’s 1999. You’ll be able to race with Crash and Coco on Switch and Xbox One but Activision revealed that PS4 players will get exclusive retro character skins.
Official website release: June 21st 2019

No Man’s Sky: Beyond VR
state of play

No Man’s Sky in VR is one of those things that sounds amazing, but I don’t think anybody really expected it to happen. Well, put that down as another victory for VR, because No Man’s Sky will support the headset as part of the free Beyond update coming this summer. No Man’s Sky may have gotten flak when it first came out, but the title has been updated countless times with amazing improvements and content, all of which is absolutely free.
Official website release: 2019

ReadySet, Heroes

Robot Entertainment is bringing ReadySet Heroes to PlayStation 4, and it will be a local and online co-op dungeon crawler. Fight your way past monsters to get to that precious loot. Catch is that another team is trying the exact same thing in the same dungeon. First one that gets to the end of the dungeon will play the end game and gets to collect the bounty!
Website release: 2019

Blood and Truth
state of play

The London Heist demo on PSVR Worlds was one of the most impressive uses of PSVR when it first launched. Since then the studio has been working on a full game entitled Blood & Truth. Well, now we know that game is coming May 28th! It looks stunning, and it could be a new killer app for PSVR.
Website release: May 28th 2019

VR Montage
More VR titles were shown in a quick roundup trailer, like Jupiter and Mars, Falcon Age, Trover Saves the Universe and Everybody’s Golf VR.

state of play

This surprise announcement from Devolver Digital looks to be a really interesting twist on the science fiction genre. Set in space aboard a massive station, you don’t play as one of the characters, but are in fact the station itself! It seems like you’ll control cameras and aspects of the station itself to aid the characters in a time of crisis.
Official website release: May 21st 2019

Five Nights at Freddies VR
Yet another PSVR title came next in the form of the (in)famous Five Nights at Freddy’s. This VR version of the game will take levels from throughout the series and pair them with new content for what will most likely be the VR game that gives me a heart attack. Re-imagining the first FNAF title in VR.
Website release: Spring 2019

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is shaping up to be a really unique title with some incredible graffiti art that comes to life on the walls of the game’s world. Even this game will have a VR mode in addition to the main game, not sure if it’ll be my cup of tea but knock yourselves out with it! Concrete Genie will release this fall exclusively on PS4.
Official website release: Fall 2019

Days Gone
state of play

Bend Studio’s Days Gone footage gives us a quick look at the story and gameplay. You can upgrade your drifter bike and fight against the Hordes. Luckily we don’t have to wait long to survive as Deacon and eradicate those Freakers. Try this PlayStation exclusive and let us know what you think!
Official website release: April 26th 2019

Mortal Kombat 11
state of play

Konkluding the stream with a Mortal Kombat 11 trailer. Showing part of the story and fatalities which we kan’t wait for. Luckily the release is near and the game komes as standard, digital deluxe and kollektor’s edition.
www.mortalkombat.com release: April 23rd 2019

What will the future States of Play be like?

Here’s the big question after watching this short, but fun, live stream: what will the PlayStation streams be like in the near future? Sony has already said they’re going to use these streams throughout the year, therefore it would be the perfect place to drop a PS5 tease before E3 hits in June. Or maybe right after (3 months after the first SoP) to give Microsoft a run for its money; who knows?

That being said, I don’t think they’ll announce the PS5 officially on a stream like this. Instead, they will most likely tease a big event for the press, like they did with the PS4, and save the big reveal for that event. Another thing to note here is the ongoing support for PSVR. We’ve often said here that PS5 will have a focus on VR, and the new wave of VR titles seems to show Sony’s commitment to supporting the technology. A wireless headset would be a nice announcement Sony… #FingersCrossed

What did you think of State of Play? Will you watch the upcoming streams as well? Let us know on social media!

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