Yesterday developer Haimimont Games announced the new dlc “Green Planet” for Surviving Mars.

The Green Planet expansion is coming soon and introduces terraforming to the game. With Green Planet it is possible to transform the mars landscape and make it fertile. In this way you can provide the planet with a liveable atmosphere in the long term. According to lead developer Gabriel Dobrev, “terraforming is one of the most requested features for the game”. In addition to the paid dlc, Surviving Mars also receives a free update. That should give the game more depth. Check out the Green Planet trailer by publisher Paradox Interactive:

A release date for the dlc is not there yet but should arrive in the first half of this year. Surviving Mars launched last year for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can read our Surviving Mars review right here and get going if you haven’t bought it already… Pre-order it on Steam now!

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