Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 will go free-to-play with the release of the next expansion named Shadowkeep. This is the base game that will be available for free on all platforms under the new name “Destiny 2: New Light”. What is going on with Bungie? Is their cash-flow that positive? Does this mean I stand a better chance in PvP? Let’s dive into the details on Shadowkeep and New Light!

Furthermore, Bungie has announced that Shadowkeep will indeed receive cross-save functionality. This means that players can play on any platform, because the saved data is available on different platforms. The platforms on which you can play the game via cross-save are the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.


All of this will appear on September 17, when Shadowkeep releases for Destiny 2. Shadowkeep is the next major expansion for the game and it takes place on the moon, as earlier rumors indicated. We don’t have many details about the expansion yet, but we can report that you can expect many new missions. Shadowkeep also comes with a new dungeon and a Raid for six players. Glad to see Morla Gorrondona as Eris Morn again, so much mystery to be unraveled there!

Even more important is that Shadowkeep is a stand-alone extension, so you can just play this content even if you don’t have the previous extensions. Check out this cool reveal trailer now!

Back to where we defeated Crota

The biggest addition to Destiny 2 in Shadowkeep is the Earth’s Moon. The Moon was a prominent location in Destiny vanilla, and was where we defeated Crota. Shadowkeep will take players back to the Moon they know. Players can explore the same areas, although Bungie says the landscape has evolved thanks to Hive meddling.

In the Shadowkeep reveal stream, Bungie developers claimed the Destiny 2 version is twice the size of the original Moon. The Destiny 2 press kit images show some key locations from the Destiny 1 Moon like the Shrine of Oryx.

What the hell happened?

The story of Shadowkeep seems to revolve around our beloved Eris Morn f***ing up on the Moon and waking up a mysterious force. If this force already is the Darkness we don’t know yet, but we get a strange glance at old foes such as Crota, Skolas, Ghaul, Omnighul and Atheon. Our guess is we get to relive D1 moments and face these enemies again. From the video footage it looks like these enemies are somehow resurrected/ infested by the Darkness since there is a Darkness aura around them. Maybe with help from the Hive, we don’t know but it looks quite interesting!

Raiders of the Haunted Moon

The new Raid will take place at the Black Garden from D1 and lord have mercy and reward me with a Vex Mythoclast…
This Vex world doesn’t play by our standard space and time rules and will likely involve strange stuff like the time loop in the Dreaming City. But I know not everybody wants to spend evenings clearing this new Raid. So Bungie came up with its first Dungeon called “The Shattered Throne” for a three player party. Call it a miniature Raid or an elaborate Strike, we think it’ll be a cool new addition to pick up and play!

Armor Reforged

What Bungie is calling Armor 2.0 should bring new player builds into Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep. Players will customise their armor with meaningful perks, instead of having to choose between quality and aesthetics. The images that Bungie used in the trailer show a kind of energy system. It looks like players can slot different perks into their armor. But each perk costs a certain amount of energy. The Noble Constant Type 2 helmet shown in the ViDoc has a capacity of eight energy. One mod is already slotted into the helmet, and it looks to be taking five energy, leaving the piece with three energy left. It’s unclear if players can upgrade the energy capacity on armor pieces.

The Noble Constant Type 2 armor also has Discipline, Intellect, and Strength stats on it. These are old Destiny 1 stats that reduced the cooldown of grenades, supers, and melee abilities respectively. Players can see these stats in other images of the character sheet. Same goes for a skill tree for the seasonal Artefacts, although this seems to be unlockable instead of using consumables. And then there are the new Finishing Moves… These are fancy attacks Guardians can pull off when an enemy is near death. Players enter a canned animation such as a Hunter spinning through the air with knives or a Titan Superman punching an enemy. More animations will be available at the Eververse because Bungie has to have some type of income as well 😉

Blasters from the Past

The studio previewed three work-in-progress Exotics in the “Out of the Shadows” ViDoc (above). Bungie showed the game’s first heavy bow. It takes Power ammo and seems to come with a giant knock-back effect. There is also a Vex-themed Exotic trace rifle. This gun creates a large critical spot anywhere on the enemy for allies to shoot.

The third Exotic is a hand cannon that uses Special ammo instead of Energy or Kinetic. It has a scope on it and Bungie called it a handheld sniper rifle. The developers also mentioned that it may light players on fire if they use it too much, but that it’s still in development. Returning Exotics we can see in the trailer are Monte Carlo, Khvostov 7G-0X and No Time to Explain. Let’s hope there will be more of them (Vex Mythoclast)!

Hopefully we get a chance to do some interviews at GamesCom 2019 in August so be sure to check back then for more info!

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