Remedy has found an interesting story, and Jesse is a fascinating character in her own right. But the action in Control seems to become the real star of the show. What can we expect from this mahtava action adventure game? Read on and get excited!

It is over a year ago that Remedy Entertainment first showed something about its next major project. That game, which has been known as ‘P7’ for a while, has since been named Control. It will be the superlative of the line that Remedy has used with games such as Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Did you think the last game was strange? Wait until you have Control under the buttons (read our first article on –> Control <– ). Whereas the previous Remedy games always had a male protagonist, the Finnish studio now opts for Jesse Faden, a lady who starts a new career at the start of the game. Faden has been hired as the new director of the highly secret Federal Bureau of Control, a somewhat enigmatic organisation based in New York. In Control you follow Jesse during her start at the Bureau.

Recap of the dossier

During the game you learn all about the background of Jesse and the Bureau. The background of both is mysterious, as is usual in recent games by Remedy. It was no different in Alan Wake and Quantum Break. The term ‘Control’ is particularly interesting in the name of the agency. Apparently there is something that needs to be controlled. This revolves around strange phenomena of extraterrestrial or superhuman nature. It is mainly the strange behaviour of some objects that stands out. It is summarised under the term ‘Altered Items’ or ‘Altered World Events’.

The Bureau is trying to collect these items. They are stored and studied in the headquarters of the organisation, called The Oldest House. It is a strange building that looks many times larger on the inside than it looks on the outside. The Oldest House is connected to various alternative dimensions that are explored from within the building. That doesn’t always go well: alien forces sometimes penetrate the building, including the Hiss, the main opponent you will encounter in the game.

It is of course your mission in Control to investigate the nature of the Hiss. For the time being, the strange force comes in the form of “human” soldiers. They can apparently take possession of human bodies, including their weapons and equipment. You get to deal with them a lot, although you will find objects in which the Hiss has nestled just as often. In both cases you recognise the Hiss by the red glow around the object or person.

Why you as Jesse?

But there is much more to discover in Control. For example, there is a reason why Jesse was chosen as the new director, and you will learn a lot about that during the game. There is also a reason why the previous director had to be replaced, and you will discover a lot about that too. And of course you will visit the different strange dimensions. Hopefully at GamesCom 2019 we’ll be able to give it a go and tell you more before release.

During last year’s presentation, we already learned that Jesse has a special weapon, the Service Weapon, which is only available to the Director of the Bureau. It is a weapon with supernatural features that you get to know and expand throughout the game. At the beginning the Service Weapon is not much more than a standard weapon, although it’s very effective against the Hiss. No ammo pick-up or forging, but a simple cool down mechanism is how it works.

Launch and more

Fortunately, you do not only have the Service Weapon at your disposal. For example there is also  Launch. You can use it to pick up and throw away people and objects. Launch is also quite powerful in its most basic form, so you can pick up and throw heavy objects with it. You recognise them by a white border that looms up when you are in the area. Launch is a good addition to your Service Weapon, because with little aim you can eliminate opponents by throwing a heavy object on them.

Finally, you have a melee attack. That is a big stump that is unexpectedly powerful. This stump will also be driven by supernatural forces. Both Melee and Launch can be greatly upgraded during the game, and next to Lift we have already seen a lot, a form of time delay/ bullet-time is to be expected in a Remedy game.


Control is a typical Remedy game: story driven, beautiful and engaging. It has a story that concerns you, with developments, deeper layers and plot twists that you do not see coming. You can only survive combat by combining and alternating your abilities. You have too little ammunition to trust your Service Weapon, which means that you will also have to use Launch and your other powers. At this point, Control can be compared to Quantum Break, the previous title from Remedy Games. Control will appear in over two months and is interesting for anyone with a recent video card from Nvidia, because Remedy has built in support for GeForce RTX. In some passages of the game there is a considerable difference between RTX on and off. Check out this trailer:

Remedy Entertainment continues to release new gameplay images and developer diaries, including the combat and forces of Jesse Faden. Game director Mikael Kasurinen and lead designer Paul Ehreth, for example, talk about the design of the weapons and how they prefer to confront the various confrontations. In addition, they will also briefly discuss one of the strongest enemies in the game, the “Tempest”. This impressive appearance can evoke a strong shield during the battle. We’ve already talked about the score of Control and all the release info in –> this article <–

The developer diaries are certainly worth a look and can therefore also be found in these playlists:

Dev Diaries season 1
Dev Diaries season 2

Control will be on shelves in two months on 27 August, and check back here after GamesCom 2019 for more details!

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