Dying Light 2 releases in spring of 2020, announced by developer Techland in a trailer during the E3 press conference from Microsoft. In the new trailer the focus is on the character Aiden, who is described as a survivor in an infected world. The trailer emphasizes that the fate of the world is in the hands of you the player. Choose wisely or see your future go up in flames…

The first Dying Light was an unexpected hit entry for the series, because we did not expect much in advance from the title made by the Dead Island developer Techland. Dying Light was a game with a lot of freedom, a lot of content and environments, many possibilities to improve yourself and a huge number of zombies that were after you. Dying Light 2 is the sequel to that. And during the E3 we were presented with a brand new trailer:

Dying Light 2 Trailer

In the trailer we see next to the new world in which we can go wild also the new main character of the game Dying Light 2. It’s about Aiden. This guy looks at the chaos from above and sees how humanity has fallen into pure chaos. He also has his own problems. He says he is infected and therefore needs medication so that he does not turn into a zombie.

In addition to the new images, the developer also has a date linked to Dying Light 2. Or rather a period in which the game can be released. Dying Light 2 is planned for the spring of 2020. So that will take a while and maybe we will bring you more information and gameplay footage back from GamesCom 2019.

Next level infected

The game promises to include many elements from the original. That means you can go wild in a big open world. The game uses freerunning elements, where you can run over rooftops to outsmart enemies. You will also find objects that you can use anywhere in the world. In addition, you must be careful that your weapons are powerful enough. If you use a weapon too often, you risk breaking it. And that makes the adventure a lot harder.

dying light 2

If you can’t wait for more on Dying Light 2 until GamesCom 2019, be sure to check out the official website in the meantime.

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