The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening is a remaster of a game that was released many years ago on the old trusted Game Boy. At that time, everything was of course somewhat limited in terms of colors. During the Nintendo Direct we were presented with new images from the Switch version. The game looks wonderfully cheerful and is now provided with a release date.

We don’t have to wait very long for The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening. The game is scheduled for September 20 this year. If you have not seen the game in action before, it is highly advisable to enjoy the cheerful trailer:

The original Links Awakening was released in 1993 and it is therefore more than 25 years ago that you were able to play that game. The game is set after the events of A Link to the Past, the game that appeared for the Super Nintendo at the time. After those adventures, Link goes looking for other countries to fight evil there. Unfortunately his boat ends up in a storm and capsize. Fortunately he manages to survive and he washes up on Koholint Island. There he must try to get his sword back and discover what is going on.

Despite the limitations that the Game Boy had seen at the time, this game is one of the better games in the series. If you have not played it before, this is a good chance to discover the title. So far we only have seen different versions of the game, including a gorgeous Collector’s Edition. Maybe we will be treated to a Switch bundle as well, just pray for it 🙂 We’ll check Links Awakening out for you at this years GamesCom in August. So be sure to check back for more and in the meantime check the gameplay from the Treehouse Session!

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