Borderlands 3 was fully present during E3 2019. Outside the Convention Center, the posters and murals are flying around and 2K’s booth shines on the exhibition floor. This week people were allowed to get started with the game, in which they -among other things- got the character Moze under control. And although the playable level has already been shown during the unveiling of the game a month ago, Borderlands 3 is still convincing.

In Borderlands 3, the criminal organization Children of the Vault refers to universe rule by tracing all the infamous vaults of the galaxy. The leaders, also called the Calypso Twins, are seen as gods and have a large following of maniacs because they stream their atrocities. Lilith, of course an old acquaintance, is looking for new Vault Hunters to put a stop to the plan of the Twins, Hunters of which we have met Operative Zane, Siren Zamara and now Gunner Moze.

More Social

The above is a brief summary of what Gearbox had already announced at the Borderlands 3 gameplay unveiling, but during E3 the press received some answers to remaining questions. A number of social options in particular stand out positively, such as the option to buy back sold weapons from friends in your cozy ship Sanctuary 3. You can even send weapons directly to others, who scale to the receiver’s level, and see with what equipment they have tackled bounty hunts.

They are pleasant features that make social interactions more fun and lucrative, in a game that is already ideal for cooperative gameplay. A handful of customisation options are also added to Borderlands 3. Fortunately, you no longer have to look for skins with a certain color, because you can now choose them yourself, weapon skins can now be applied to everything weapons and inevitable emotes are a fact.

“Bearing” with new Tech

The biggest Borderlands 3 surprise, however, was the unveiling of the Vault Hunter Moze. At least, the extensive look the press got on the new character, because her appearance was already known. Moses’ most important feature is the Iron Bear, a versatile mechsuit that slowly recharges and can occasionally create havoc as if the apocalypse has arrived. The good thing is that Moses skill tree is actually a list of weapons that you unlock and set up for one of the triggers as desired, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want. You can accurately inflict immense damage with the rail gun, blow up blazing Fanatics with rockets, or simply smash enemies with your fist. You can also set different augmentations for each weapon, for example to increase damage from critical hits.

Besides that Moze might become our favorite character, it is commendable that she deviates so much from Amara and Zane. The gameplay from Borderlands 3 feels incredibly tasty and actually like a fast first-person shooter. During a break-in of Mouthpiece’s crazy disco, where he puts you on fire, dancing, they blew enemies into the air with a shotgun and tore enemies to pieces with dancing grenades.

At least, they didn’t literally fly to pieces, because graphically Borderlands 3 is less complex than other RPG shooters. Thanks to its timeless style, the game is far from ugly, but despite a livelier-looking nature, eye-popping environments can look somewhat dated. In fact, that is the only “bad” thing they could notice about the game, because otherwise Borderlands 3 is already infinitely fun.

Since Borderlands 3 was first announced we learned all this and that it will release on September 13. Check back here regularly for more information on this awesome title, we might playtest it at GamesCom!

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