Tango Gameworks announced their new project during the E3 press conference of Bethesda: GhostWire: Tokyo. Shinji Mikami and his team decided not to make a third installment of The Evil Within series. Instead they made a new spooky ip, but what is it all about?

The game is described by the publisher as an action adventure game, but it is also clear that it is going to be a game that is creepy and into the occult. The game is set in Tokyo, where a large part of the population mysteriously disappears from one day to the next. It is somewhat reminiscent of the snap by Thanos inthe Avengers: Infinity War but slightly different. It is up to the player to find out what exactly is going on in GhostWire: Tokyo.

The player has a number of supernatural skills, which gives you the opportunity to compete against the phenomenon that caused the missing. At the same time you slowly but surely find out what exactly is going on. According to the developer you should not be afraid of what is unknown, but you should attack it.

The above video is primarily a teaser, as there are no gameplay elements yet. At the same time, that means that the game is probably still in development for a while. A release date for GhostWire: Tokyo at the end of 2020 seems to be the most obvious at the moment. Releasing on PS4, PC, Xbox One and probably Stadia as well.

For more info check he official website of GhostWire: Tokyo

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