New 2DX Look Revealed For Star Renegades During Gamescom 2019 Demo


Good day loyal readers. We had the opportunity to play Massive Damage’s upcoming tactical rogue-lite RPG, Star Renegades and it’s all-new-all-amazing 2DX Pixel art!

It has been a crazy week for us as Gamescom 2019 was taking place in Cologne. During this year’s Gamescom we were invited by publisher Raw Fury to check out some of their upcoming videogames. Amongst these was Massive Damage’s Star Renegades. For those of you oblivious about Star Renegades. Be ashamed. You should know about this project by now. Pledge your allegiance to the overlords at Massive Damage. Rejoice as the the true look of the game is announced with what Massive Damage calls “2DX”. X for XXXXXXXTREME!

What is Star Renegades?

Indie publisher Raw Fury has announced their partnership with Massive Damage last February. The project they are working on is called Star Renegades. A gorgeous squad-based roguelite that seamlessly melds JRPG turn-based combat with tactical strategy. Join the rebellion and fight to end an endless interplanetary conflict that will span generations as you try to overthrow The Imperium. Lead your ambitious rebels toward victory by fostering camaraderie and friendships between squad mates to unlock powerful combos and possibly romance (and progeny). Face the challenge of overcoming adversaries that evolve as you do across an ever-changing campaign spanning many in-game generations.

The Gamescom Demo

As mentioned. We were invited to check out some of the upcoming games and when I saw Star Renegades was part of the line-up I was overly excited as I was looking forward to try out the game. The demo that I was able to play highlights the beginning tutorial of the FINAL game. The demo takes you on a journey into the lives of Star Renegades’ rebels and gives you a glimpse about who they are and what sort of role they play in this grand universe.

The beginning tutorial was quite impressive as it was pretty self explanatory and guided you trough the basics of the game’s multitude of mechanics. One of the best tutorials I have seen in these type of games. Star Renegades features a tactical turn-based battle system that emphasises interrupts and counters. Each character has their own moves and you can select which one you want to use for your turn and even perform combos. Guarding and defending is also an option if needed. Especially against one of the mini-bosses laser beams.

Star renegades will also sport an intelligent Adversary system with unique enemy officers and bosses that evolve and move up in the ranks, rather similar to 2017’s Shadow of War. You can Unlock dozens of alternate characters as your surviving squad members form bonds and create offspring. Please note that some offspring will have unique abilities and you will only be able to have these abilities by forming the right bonds between characters.

What stood out most for me where the game’s crispy clean and gorgeous looking pixel art and amazing soundtrack. The original look of the game was already beautiful but Massive Damage’s Pixel artist Bryan really stepped up his game in the past year and brought us next level pixel art. All the backgrounds, characters, and animations are hand drawn by him and I am told some character designs feature over 500 frames of gorgeous pixel art. I can honestly say that Star Renegades features some of the most gorgeous looking pixel art I have ever laid eyes on. If you would like to know more about Bryan and his gorgeous art you should check out this interview and his personal website

Star Renegades will release on PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Q2 2020.

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